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…aka Land Of The Green And The Home Of The Sheep

Guess what?

No, not that. Guess again.

No, not that either. Would it be easier for me to just tell you what’s what?

Okay then, on Friday I packed my bags and finally left home. To Anglesey. For a weekend. With CLIC. Lovely.

It started on Friday. The sun was hidden by clouds, I wore jeans. The coach was what you’d expect from any coach. Though I was rather unsure at first why the driver decided to head back into Rhondda Cynon Taff after picking up our fellow residential dudes from Ebbw Vale and Newport.

We had no idea that our journey would last longer than the estimated four hours.

Yes, the pesky sat nav decided to go the scenic route up to the little patch of Wales in the North. The chosen route was also a shroud of deceit on our phones, as for a good section of our journey we had no signal. So much so, that a girl called Jess and I began to improvise a song about retweeting, with the main lyric being “We need to retweet, why can’t we retweet?”

Aye, I’m sure we annoyed the living daylights out of our fellow travelers of the South with this song. Ah well, could be worse, we could have stalled a few times. Oh wait, we did.

Unfortunately, it was rather dark once we finally landed on Anglesey soil. So dark, in fact, that the coach driver didn’t notice a sign post that said “no wide vehicles” until after we went down that street.

Ah well, at least it gave the other members of the Wicid editorial team, along with Sam from theSprout, to sing about the bus travels up in CLIC’s Got Talent thing that was happening on Saturday night. Lovely.

As the chickens sang their song in the morning, the day began with breakfast. Then, the young people of Wales were split into five groups. I, along with a few others, ended up in the first group, meaning that I have to sit through the accreditations workshop first, which was rather good.

Then, we did the information introductions for CLIC in video form in front of a green screen. Though, to be fair, I do think that some people were more interested in the large remote control that was discovered in one of the rooms. Like this one. Nice.

After a little break, the group made their way to banner making, though it was changed to kendo. There were a few matches between the people on the group, though I don’t have a clue what possessed Jess to ask Geoff “can me and Gareth have a go?” Before we actually chowed down in bamboo warfare, I was unsure what to do.

Though, as we commenced the battle, I wasn’t going to let her win. Apparently, I’m really aggressive. Ah well, doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I won, which led to this image being taken…


Yeah, that’s me, doing a jumping attack on Jess’ head. How hardcore am I?

Anyway, after a few handful of workshops, some breaks and another handful of workshops, we had CLIC’s Got Talent, where the name of it says it all.

There were only two different activities in the CLIC’s Got Talent – singing and dancing [don’t forget dirty‘s awesome urban poetry! – ed]. As Sam, the Swoosh girls and others showed us what they’ve got in the dancing stakes, Paul from Defaid and others sang for the group.

To be fair, everyone was well good, it was a relief when someone said that it was just for fun, and not a competition.

After that, there was some sleeping done, as it was night by that time. The Sunday was the day of goodbyes, as we left homeward-bound at roughly half eleven in the morning. Again, it took us well over the estimated time for us to get home from Anglesey. We headed into England, further than I imagined. Ah well, the driver dropped the Wicid group at the stop well past seven in the night. Lovely.

As I charged my Mac in the comfort of my own room, I realised that I had an email. It was from CLIC’s sub-editor, Dan. All it said was “I’ve driven to Anglesey a few times before. It usually takes this long.”

A quote by the bus driver before heading to the depot. Lovely.

So, on the whole, a good residential. Hopefully, there’ll be more people from Rhondda Cynon Taff coming to the next one. Oh, and remind me to bring a guitar with me so then I can have a jam with Paul from Defaid. Nice.

Image in article via CLIConline, with CrazyDistortion editing it slightly.

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    I can’t wait for the Wicid Residential either. But I’m the only person from my school going D:

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