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Welcome to window #1 of the CLICmas Advent Calendar! If you’d like a window of your own to strut your Christmas stuff in (or should that be stuffing – parp!) and have the chance of winning a Nintendo 3DS then email as soon as possible.

The Christmas Weekender.

Author’s Note: I’d just like apologise in advance for not being able to mention everybody’s names in this story. It would have been a nightmare to have fitted you all into it and I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you all yet but you are all included in the story, just not named. So if your name is not in this story, I’m super sorry but imagine yourself there! It’s meant for all of us to be there. Anyway, I am going to shut up now and let you read the story. I hope you enjoy and I hope it somehow gets you into the Christmas Spirit.

It was the 21st December and there was a bus full of CLICers singing Christmas carols. After a few months of begging and pleading, the CLIC staff finally gave into the ideal Christmas present that the CLICers wanted – a Christmas Weekender. The coach was full of the sound of a much-unorganised choir singing along to Cliff Richard’s Mistletoe and Wine. Some people were attempting to dance like Sir Cliff himself did in the music video, but the coach kept jerking, which made it funnier.

After what seemed like hours – though not as long as the bus ride to the weekender in Anglesey – they finally arrived at the log cabin in France, their home for the next 48 hours. The coach began to fill with the buzzing sound of excitement. Ryan went to the top of the coach and grabbed the microphone.

“Right, we’ve finally arrived at Cabine D’hiver De Noel, the log cabin we will be staying in for the next two nights. Now, once you’ve collected your bags, head inside to the dining room, food will be served shortly and then we’ll allocate roo-“

Ryan was interrupted by a very excited Victoria from Wicid who pressed her face against one of the windows and yelled “Oh my God! Reindeer! Real life Reindeer!”

Everyone began to kick up a fuss, pushed passed poor Ryan and fled from the bus to go and see the beautiful creatures. Shortly after, the staff joined the CLICers and went to see the Reindeer.

“Dan! Dan! Get our photo with the reindeers!” nagged Tomm from Young Newport. Dan got his camera out as Tomm, Victoria, Jazz from Wicid, Jess and Adam from Swoosh began posing with the reindeer. It soon started to get nippy outside so everybody went inside, placed their bags on the luggage holders and went into the dining room to get some food.

“I hope it isn’t any of the usual French stuff. I had enough of that from my last visit,” mumbled Jazz.

“I don’t think you need to worry about that,” said Dan as he pointed to the counter. It seems like we’re having pizza.”

Everyone began to queue for some food before sitting down and tucking into some delicious looking pizza. Once everyone had finished up, Kath stood at the front of the dining hall and cleared her throat.

“Right, welcome everyone! This is the Christmas Weekender. It won’t be like our usual weekenders because, well, it’s Christmas, so we’re going to do things a little differently. In a few moments, you will go up and allocate your rooms, meet your room-mates and then come back down in an hour so we can get ready to go and visit the little Christmas Village down the road. Oh, and your blankets are in Gareth’s room again.”

Before he got the chance to escape, Gareth was chased by everyone to get his or her blankets. When they arrived at his room, he quickly opened the door and stood in the doorway, blocking everyone’s chances of bombarding into the room.

“Whoa now, people! Is there really any need for all this chaos?” he proclaimed. 
“Yeah!” yelled Jazz. 
“Well, I say that there isn’t any need. And since it’s my room and I don’t fancy getting battered by you lot in your attempt to get your pillows and blankets and all that, I’ll pass them out the door so you can fight over them yourselves.”

With that, he closed the door. A few moments later, he came back out with a rather large bundle of blankets and pillows and dumped them in the middle of the hall before quickly going back in his room before everyone attempted to get their blankets and pillows. Some people began to dive-bomb the pile and others just waited patiently.

Once the pile no longer existed, everybody went and collected their bags before going to find out who they would be sharing a room with.

The next two days flew by which saw many activities such as Christmas shopping, sleigh rides, Christmas article workshops and a fantastic Christmas edition of CLIC’s Got Talent which included the fabulous Swoosh dancers, some awesome dancing from Nick and the two Aarons from Young Flintshire, a Christmas version of Single Ladies performed by the fantastic Sam from TheSprout and Tomm (both wearing Santa hats) and a Christmas sing-a-long with Paul from Defaid and his guitar.

On the morning of departure day, everybody got ready and had some breakfast. Though, Jess and Ben from Neath Port Talbot saw the staff sitting around a table, looking a bit concerned.

“What do you think is up?” asked Jess. 
“I’m not too sure shall we go and ask?” replied Ben, who was studying the situation.
“Okay, but you can go first.”
Jess pushed Ben from his seat and over to the staff.

“Is everything okay?” asked Ben who seemed quite concerned. 
“It’s just that you look slightly stressed. Is something wrong?” added Jess.
“We’ll tell you in a bit,” said Tania as she faked a smile. 
“Is there anything we can do?” asked Jess.
“There is, actually,” added Arielle. “Would you mind going around the cabin and gathering everyone into the lounge, please?”

“Of course!” the pair replied and they went off to complete the task they had been given.

A few moments later, everyone was sitting in the lounge talking with anticipation, wondering why they had been called for a meeting.

“Attention! Attention, please!” called Ryan.

Everyone went quiet.

“Right, we have some news whether it’s good or bad is up to you some of you might actually consider it as good news others, maybe not. Anyway, back home in the UK, the snow is pretty bad-”

“They have snow at home and we don’t? No fair!” called out Ant from Young Flintshire.

“anyway,” Ryan proceeded to tell them the news. “It’s so bad that they are not accepting any returns from out of the country meaning we will have to stay here for at least another day.”

The room began to buzz with all sorts of fuss. The CLICers didn’t know how to respond.

“But,” called Dan “if you have any suggestions for activities we can do then please let us kn-”

Before Dan could finish his sentence, he was interrupted.

“Disneyland!” yelled Jazz. “Take us to Disneyland!” 

Everyone yelled “Yeah!” in agreement.

“But I don’t think we can affor-”

“I can! I can pay for us all! I have a credit card! And I know people who work in Disney who can give us money off. Oh, please? Pretty please? It’s so Christmas there at this time of year! We can review the rides and attractions, see the Christmas parades, please?!”

Everyone seemed to like the idea and began to chant “Disney! Disney! Disney!”

As the chat continued, the staff looked at one another before looking back to the eager CLICers.

“Go on, then,” smiled Kath.

Everyone cheered as Sam, the Sub-Editor of TheSprout, and Ryan went to speak to the coach driver.

Within a few hours, the CLIC gang were in Disneyland. Each group was handed a map of the two parks and a timetable of the shows.

“Right, you must all meet at the castle by 5pm ready for the parade. We have also booked the balcony of the Disneyland hotel for a good viewing of tonight’s fireworks,” instructed Geoff.

Excitement was flooding amongst the CLICers as they all went their separate ways. There was so much to do and so much to be seen. People such as Beth from Defaid and Adam went on all the big, adventurous rides such as Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain, Jazz, Vicky, Jess and Sam went to have their photos taken with the characters and explored the wonders of Fantasyland, while some of the daredevils like Callum and Danial from Defaid and Ant and the two Aarons, went to Walt Disney Studios to check out Aerosmith’s Rockin’ Rollercoaster.

After everyone had taken in the magic of Disney, they returned to the castle to meet up as planned, before finding a good spot to sit to watch the Christmas parade. They ended up agreeing to sit around the flower display on the kerb – a perfect view of the floats. Moments later the Christmas parade began.

“Mesdames et Messieurs! Disney est fier de presenter La Parade De Noel! Ladies and gentlemen! Disney’s proud to present The Christmas Parade!”

The parade began with fantastic looking floats with Disney characters singing and dancing on top began to enter the park with the festive music playing through the speakers.

“Chante! C’est Noel! Sing along, sing a song of Christmas! Chante! C’est Noel! ‘Tis that wonderful time of year!”

The CLICers began to dance to the music, take photos and just take in the wonderful Disney Christmas spirit. As per usual, Jazz got emotional during the parades- she has ever since her fist visit when she was just three – so Sam hugged her tight and began to dance with her. A moment later, Chip and Dale, the chipmunks saw this and pulled a few of the CLICers out to dance amongst the parade. Victoria, Sam, Jazz, Tomm, Adam, the two Jess’s, the two Aarons, Nick, Danial, Callum and Beth went out with the characters and began dancing along to the music while Dayana and Gareth filmed and Dan took photos of the hilarious but amazingly fun moment. Soon after, the parade ended and the CLIC gang went to see some Christmas shows before heading up to the balcony to watch the fireworks.

The display was breathtaking. The CLICers began to “ooh” and “aah” at the colourful display that took place in front of them. This was no cheesy display like they had seen back home. This was something different. Something magical. They began taking photos and admiring the pretty patterns that danced in the sky before heading back to the coach and back home.

When they had reached the log cabin once more, everyone was exhausted and all decided that it was time for bed.

The following morning was Christmas Eve. As much as they loved CLIC, everyone began somewhat hoping that today, they were able to go home. As Dan drew back the curtains, he was greeted by so much snow; it was covering the view of outside.

“Hmmm it seems we have a problem” he mumbled. Some of the young people had overheard and looked out of the window.

“You are joking!”
“How are we meant to get home?” 
“It’s Christmas tomorrow!”

Ryan had just finished talking on the phone.

“Sorry, guys, we’re snowed in.”

Everyone sighed in harmony.

“Don’t worry, we’ll try and still make this an awesome Christmas for you guys!”

“Yes!” added Dayana. “Come on, I’ll do a photo booth with you guys and we can make funny Christmas photos to send back home to your friends and family online!”

The staff did all they could to entertain the young people. When evening arrived, everyone gathered around the piano, where Elin played some Christmas carols and everyone joined in, singing along. Suddenly the door burst open.

“Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry CLICmas!” bellowed Ryan, who was dressed up as Santa.

In front of him was Dan dressed up as Rudolph and behind him was Tania and Kath dressed as two elves. Everyone began to laugh and gather around.

“If you all line up, I shall let you into my grotto and you can tell me if you have been good this year and what you would like!”

Everyone lined up to tell Ryan their wishes as Dan gave them a CLIC goodie bag and each CLICer paused with Santa, Rudolph and the two reindeers for a photo.

After some fun and laughter, a Christmas film (of course, it was the classic Muppets Christmas Carol) and some snacks, it was getting late and once more, everyone went to bed.

In the morning, everyone went downstairs and was greeted by a rather shocking surprise. The room was flooded with gifts. There was more than enough for everyone and each had a name tag. How could this have been pulled off? Was the whole thing planned?

“Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Everyone turned around to see a Santa standing behind them.

“Ryan, did you sleep in that suit?” asked Adam.

“Erm, Adam I’m behind you” whispered Ryan.

“It’s Santa!” yelled Victoria as she jumped up and down.

“Hang on, hang on. How do we know he’s real?” muttered one of the Aarons.

He walked up to the jolly man in the red suit and tugged his beard.

“Ouch!” yelled the man. “Aaron, if you do that once more, I shall confiscate your presents and replace them with a lump of coal.”

“Okay, he’s real!” shouted Aaron before returning back to where he was originally standing.

“I overheard your wishes last night,” proclaimed Santa, “and since you are unfortunately stranded here in France, I couldn’t help but bring you what you had wished for! Now, go and open your presents. I must dash, Mrs Claus has baked some cookies and they’ve got my name on it. Cheerio! Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!”

With that, the jolly man disappeared.

Everyone went to find their presents. When they opened them, they had exactly what they had wished for the previous night.

It was a truly unforgettable Christmas and probably the best Christmas the CLIC gang had yet to experience.

I really hope you enjoyed this story and I really wish something like this would happen (hint, hint) but I really do wish you all a very merry Christmas (or CLICmas) and a blooming awesome New Year. I hope you get what you want and have an awesome time. Hope to see you soon!

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