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I would like to welcome all of you to the first issue of our
brand new magazine, Clwstwr.

Our name came from the idea of a group, a community, a unity of people. This is what I personally would like to
emphasise about our magazine.

It was made with the help and support of various community members as well as a hard working group of talented individuals. These students have worked tirelessly gathering stories and conducting interviews to keep all of you in the know about your area.

There is a lot in the area going on, a lot more than I expected. e3+ and 5×60 have been expanding their range of activities and improving the existing activities available to make the extracurricular experience more fulfilling than ever before.

This has also been the first time I have ever worked with students from other schools on such a close level and I hope this continues into the future. Again, I thank you for picking up and opening our hard work, now continue to read and enjoy.

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