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Last night I watched Collapse with my house mate.

I’m still upset as I’m putting this together at mid-day the next day.

The ‘film’ – if you can call one man sat in front of a camera telling you how hard life is going to suck in the next few years starts with an admission that Michael Ruppert, an ex-LAPD cop and the films lone star, is a whistleblower, he’s got a grudge and by God he wants you to know about it.

What follows is an emotional rollercoaster starting off on the subject of oil, and concluding with food. In between you get the stereotypical ‘Bush Administration knew about me’ speech (as seen in every Michael Moore documentary), and teary rants from Ruppert – all red-eyed and chain-smoking telling you how upset he is. That is one thing you cannot deny about this piece: this man is upset and at the end of his tether. Sure I can tell you that it plays out like a Moore-esque documentary about the problems in America. But I believe this is all about Michael Ruppert’s personal struggles and his eventual downfall.

That is the saddest Collapse seen on screen.

“Collapse is available on DVD now”

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  1. WICIDeditor says:

    Great review, you got me interested now mind. I think I’m going to have to see it for myself.

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