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Everyones likes music, right? Or, at least, everyone knows what music is and can appreciate it. There are those among us who confine themselves to the relative safety of the mainstream radio and are happy to go through their daily routine with the samey and repetitive chart music looping through their ears and do a happy sing-a-long to the lyrics that they’ve heard a hundred times before, but then there are others among us – renegades, vagabonds, anarchists – who refuse to get pulled into the mainstream and cling onto the edges of music by the strength of their fingertips.

And, if you’re one of those that enjoy experiencing new music and supporting up-and-coming local, new bands, then this is for you.

E3+ Aberdare have set up a monthly band night and the debut of the night is happening this Friday – 7th June, 2013 – starting at 7pm and finishing at 10pm, in Cwmaman Institute, Aberdare. The night is aimed for young people between the ages of 15 and 18 and will feature three top, rising bands: Wicid’s very own Battle of the Bands winners, The Broadcasts; Into The Ocean; and Friend of the Foe.

The aim of the band nights is to give young people a chance to hang out and listen to new and exciting music in a variety of community areas across Aberdare each month.

If you or your band would like to play at the band nights, then get in touch with Jay at or 07799132132.

Or, simply come along and enjoy the music.

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