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Your Review Meeting.

What is a review?

A review is a meeting for children and young people who are looked after. You will have at least two reviews a year.
You may hear people call your review a “LAC review”, this means a Looked After Children review.
The reason for having a review is to bring together the important people in your life to talk about how things are going for you. You can attend if you choose to. This will give you a chance to talk about any changes that you think are needed.
Your review can be held in a place where you feel comfortable. This may be at your placement, in school, a Children’s Services Office or somewhere else.

Don’t forget the review is about YOU and YOUR FUTURE so it is really important that you have your say.
You need to tell us what you think, what’s going well or maybe what you would like to change so that we can make sure your views are listened to.

Do I need to go to my review?
Yes – but only if you’d like to, it’s your choice whether you go or not. You may want to stay for the whole of your review, or just parts of the meeting. You may want someone to go along with you to give you support. If something is said that you don’t understand then you can ask in the review or speak to your social worker or someone that you trust or afterwards

If you don’t want to be there, you can tell us why on your consultation document, and let us know whether there are any things that you want us to talk about.

If there are any big changes to be made to your care plan these should have been discussed with you before the review. Other young people who have had reviews have told us that there should be NO SURPRISES in a review meeting.

What is a care plan?

Children and young people are looked after for many different reasons, each person must have a care plan. This Plan is a very important as it includes all sorts of information about you such as:
� Where and who you will live with.
� Practical things including the amount of pocket money you get
� How often will you see your family and friends
� The plan for your future.
� What school or college will you go to and how will you get there.
� Any needs that are individual to you, for example the language you speak your religious beliefs, health concerns or leisure activities.
You will always have a copy of your care plan and you should have a chance to say whether you agree with it or not.
What is an Independent Reviewing Officer?
An Independent Reviewing Officer is the person who makes sure that looked after children have regular review meetings. You may hear these people called IRO’s.
Your IRO will:
� Chair your review
� Make sure that you have a chance to speak, or that someone else can speak on your behalf.
� Use words that you understand.
� Be sensitive to your feelings and show you respect
� Make sure the decisions made at the meeting help support you and your care plan
� Speak to others to get the best outcomes for you

The consultation documents.
We know that filling in forms can be boring but your views are very important. We have put a consultation document online so that you can fill it in on your computer or you phone. It would be great if you could fill in your consultation document a few days before your review so that your IRO has a chance to think about what you have written. If you have agreed that what you say can be shared, your IRO will work out the best way to do this in the review meeting.
Why don’t you try filling in your consultation form now by clicking the link below?

Kids in Care Questionnaire


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