Conversations and Cocktails – Part 2

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Mr Harrison, or Jerry as he was called, was the stiff, top-hat wearing, cardboard cut-out that one never hopes to meet in one’s life. Terribly plain and awfully continuous in his patterns, he was no stranger to routine. The expensive suit and lavish car told the story of a special kind of man who enjoyed the brash appearance of money, completely unlike our Jerry.

He staggered along with both knees shaking, hoping to find an orange juice; decorated with an umbrella and rocks, to quench his thirst. But “The Ivory Piano” was not somewhere that served such delicate things, and it did not serve such delicate characters either.

With less than a hop in his step, Mr Harrison clenched his leather satchel with a hand holding a large rock of brushed gold, the ring was completely out of place on that fourth finger. His polished shoes and a fresh mint in hand, Mr Harrison sat awkwardly on the tall bar stools and watched as the people passed by, all too dismissive of this new face.

The low-keys of the piano hit the emotions of its people. The year had not been terribly fabulous, nor had it kept a promise of better things, perhaps to come? The people you would expect to find listening to this piano were the kinds of people that Jerry had no experience of whatsoever. He was, quite literally, the perfect stranger in an imperfect world.

Mr Harrison had been kept in the lap of luxury, with marble walls upon marble floors and succulent meals, cooked by someone else on top of granite work top and the smell of money in the air. The crystal in the cupboard hadn’t a single spot and as far as Mr Harrison Senior was concerned, neither did his son.

Jerry hadn’t focused his musical preference, he hadn’t developed very much of anything. His experiences were extensive but his experience shadowed by the limitations set by others. Nothing changed, nothing altered and he certainly was indifferent to most of life’s wonderful choices.

All too soon, Jerry was in a situation completely of his own making and apparently awkward and uncovented. In a strange bar, with strangers, to a style of music he was not accustom to, in a city of tall buildings and bright lights and now a stunning Lady was approaching through a crowd of lost eyes towards him – He swallowed the mint with one swift gulp.

To Be Continued…

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