Conversations and Cocktails – Part 4

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Miss Constance stormed off after her moment of brashness, only to blush with embarrassment – she was a hair away from leaving before she broke her armour anymore when, a shy, boring figure, sat alone on a candle light table caught her eye – The glint came back ever so slightly.

Mr Harrison was trying ever so carefully to hold his drink a certain way, sit in his chair a certain way, admire the scenery the right way, and not to cough to explicitly from the nicotine in the air, every breath singed him, his throat dried up and he couldn’t speak, so he begins to sweat, beads and beads, and fidgit, and tugged on his coat, and stir his drink – so nervous, so young, so cute.

“How do you do? Mr?” Lily stood with a strawberry in her cheeks as she waited for this sweet, little man to reply.
“Umm, Mr Jerry, I mean .. Mr Harri ..s .. s .. s’cuse me miss.” He coughed loudly. The bar felt a tiny bit quieter.
“Can I?”, Lily gestured toward the vacant chair,
“Yes, of course.” his nerves were overwhelming.
“So, Mr Harris, what brings you to “The Ivory Piano?” Lily gently enquired.
“I aim to always be somewhere where there is a piano.” He seemed nervous at the terrible pun and looked into her eyes cautiously. Lily let out a full giggle and smile to his relief.
“I love the jukebox, one object that contains so much soul, you know?” she relaxed. Almost completely at ease with the complete stranger.
“Do you have a favourite, Miss?” He gestured,
“Everyone calls me Lily around here.” She promptly replied.
“I’m not everyone, what do you like to be called.” His charm was cunning and sweet, with a nervous twitch always stirring up how handsome he really was.
“I haven’t decided yet – tell me Mr Harris?” she said while smoothing her waves,
“Jerry, please” He interrupted,
“What do you do?” The twirling of her hair and the biting of her lip shone innocence, but her eyes told a different story, Miss “C” was definitely up to something.
“I’m sort of a freelance stock broker, it sounds exciting, but it’s not!” He admitted.
“I can’t lie, it doesn’t sound remotely even interesting!” Lily’s harshness has always won her prizes, and now Jerry sat with the glazed over look and the alertness of a sloth – Miss “C” was about to strike.
“So, if you’re job is so boring, I could help you out?” with the brush of her delightfully soft hands across his arm he melted and had only eyes for her.

As she departed from the table, signalling that she wouldn’t be long to our Jerry, she had regained a certain strength about her; enough to devise a cunning plan, involving both Mr Devon and the chap whom she thought was Mr Harris!
“Shut up and listen for a moment would you Mr Devon!” she said confidently,
“I apologise for”, He began his fake condolences.
“Never mind all that.” She paused and took a sip of his cocktail. “Tell me, is that large, designer automobile at the top of the steps, yours? I do like it ever so much.” suddenly, the glint was in Miss “C’s” eyes. In true fashion, the glint was far brighter when it was hers; and as usual the man caught in it’s pathway was a deer in headlights, on a road of tar …

To be continued …


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