Conversations and Cocktails – Part 5

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Do you recall the story of Moses parting the Red Sea? Change Moses to Mistress and Red Sea to men and here is Lily’s Testament. With the flick of her hair and the swing of her hip she could pass through anything . It’s needless to say that Lily could easily be a criminal mastermind if the right opportunity came to her, for now, she practiced.

One step, five looks. One turn, three hands in the air. One blink, two drinks, one for each hand. Two competitors, one Lily and boy did she know her power.
“Now, now gentleman, you’re both too kind.” Lily leaned over to give one man a kiss on the cheek, his rough stubble rubbed against her smooth skin and her rose tinted lips began to pout.
“Now sir.” she whispers in his ear “What would you wife think?” the man retreated and pulled his hand away from her
“What?” it was clear that he had no wedding ring on.
“Had a tan recently?” Lily, was, as always a mistress of detail and the man vacated with his offer of a drink and steadily head toward the exit knowing that the white ring tan line is a sure giveaway of his dreamt infidelity

“Nicely handled” said Mr Devon
“Well” Lily did nothing but smile, lift her drink, take a sip and prop her one leg over the other on the tall, chrome bar stool, which was of course no match in length of her sunkissed legs.
“What brought you back then? The suit boring is he?” laughed Mr Devon.
Lily said nothing.

By now our poor Mr Harris was none the wiser as to what was going on. Lily had left his company to humiliate one man, return to a man she openly despised but citing that she had a preposition, or a plan for him. Beyond Lily, Mr Harris had no idea or desire to be in the Ivory Piano at this moment in time –  the air was thick with smoke, the Jukebox was jumping, the men burnt with their hawk eyes and the dry wine was by no means a drink for, well, for our Mr Harris.
“What am I doing here?” Mr Harris asked, knowing it was what everyone else was thinking too.
Lily raised her head ever so slightly and gave his a comforting look, a flash of her blue eyes. It was official, Mr Harris was drowning – such a shame too, you’d think briefcases would give better buoyancy!

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    I just noticed I have missed out Part 5?

    Don’t panic, this must really be Part 5! Writing Part “7” as we speak 🙂


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