Cool 4 school crew on GTFM!

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After a fab performance on Wednesday night at the Glyncoch Community Centre, four of the stars of the show, Tristan Horton, Kayleigh Daws, Josh Hooper and Gavin Jeffs took the opportunity to tell Pontypridd about their smashing performance. Sam Turner and Debbie Davies (Youth Coach) took them along to the GTFM radio station in Rhydyfelin where they were able to broadcast live on air.

Tristan said “It was really good to see a real radio station and know that people are actually listening to you talking, I thought it was really exciting!”

Gavin said “I enjoyed it, I liked being on the radio.”

Josh said “It was good to share our thoughts about our great night on the radio.”

Kayleigh said “It made us feel special and really proud to talk on the radio about all our talents.”


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