Coronavirus, Crisps and a whole lot of Confusion My self-isolation journey so far

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I’m Beth – Mental Health and Wellbeing Officer 🙂

Am I feeling anxious? Heck Yeah!
Confused? – Yup, that too!
Sometimes lonely? – Uh huh!
Do I want to see my family and friends? – Absolutely!

But do I want to add to the spread of the virus? – That’s a big NO from me!

Day 1 – 10 of self isolation – staying home eating crisps all day isn’t so bad!?
Spent most of this time in my PJ’s eating crisps, doing some work, eating more crisps, drinking pop and scrolling through social media trying to make sense out of what was going on (while eating crisps, obvs!). I had a cough and symptoms of a cold/flu so there was no way I was going out….and at this point my hands are drying out from washing them so much!

Then we were all grounded and sent to our rooms!
I was waiting for this “lockdown” to happen, so what does it mean?

Think of a time when you or a friend were grounded or sent to your room, only allowed out to go to school, to have your food/drink and maybe stretch your legs in the garden. Well, that’s what it is, but the whole of the UK are grounded as well as lots of other countries.

Day 11 – Worried, confused and anxious? – I got ya!
I started feeling tired, like, all the time! Everyone knows that I am the Queen of nanna naps, but this is taking the biscuit! I also started feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious about being stuck in on my own for ages……. I’m a hoot to be around don’t get me wrong but you know… there’s only so much of ME I can take!

Seeing lots of people doing home work outs on Social Media, I thought maybe there was something wrong with me as I have ZERO interest or motivation to do it! But it’s just not my thing! So, I forced myself to go for a walk.

After 15mins I saw a dog, it was sooooo hard not to stop and speak to the dog! (I literally speak to every dog I see!) But, remembering “social distancing” I crossed over the road to make sure I didn’t get too close to the owner.

1hr 15mins later I was back at home, I really enjoyed being in the sun, seeing dogs, squirrels, birds and just moving! I feel LOADS better and actually more awake. I am looking forward to spending my evening video calling friends and family, and watching something that will make me laugh.

What has made you laugh/smile today?
The YEPS Insta story made me laugh (@yepsrct) – Go check it out, it may make you laugh and you may see some familiar faces 😉

I will keep you all updated on how I manage my days in isolation from time to time, remember you can contact us at YEPS with any questions or worries you may have. See you all very soon.

Beth 🙂 x


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