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Coronation Street the Stage Play

You have to be a Coronation Street fan to be able to appreciate this extremely well written and professionally acted play spanning the 50 years of Corrie on the box.The story lines are narrated by the well known and well loved actor from the series Roy Barrowclough who played the part of Eric Gillroy for over 20 years. The scenes have been taken from the original scripts with some other parts receiving theatrical licence to enable the cast to jump from decade to decade.It has all of the attributes of the series with drama, pathos, humour and story lines ranging from Ena Sharples at the corner shop to the tram disaster which wiped out half of the orriginal cast. All in all a very entertaining evening but as stated at the beginning of this review you have to be of a certain age to appreciate the stories unfolding and who the characters are from the 1960’s up to the modern times.It was all performed by a cast of six superb actors who took on multi parts and obviously mastered the art of the quick change which on some occasions happened right in front of you without missing a beat or losing the plot.This is not for the younger generation unless you have the benefit of going with gran so that she can keep you up to date with who’s who and what is going on in what decade.The portrayal of the various characters and their mannerisms was well observed by the actors and even if the facial identification was not obvious the delivery of the dialogue and the stature of the person left you in no doubt as to who they were mimicking.Good show, well acted, great narration and thoroughly entertaining for all Corrie fans.


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