Cosmetic Piercing Of Young People

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A consultation to get views on how to make cosmetic piercing safer for young people.

Start of consultation: 18/10/2011
End of consultation: 31/01/2012

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)The Welsh Government is committed to improving the health of people in Wales. This consultation meets a key action in the Programme for Government: ‘consult on the need to introduce legislation to ensure parental consent for cosmetic piercing procedures carried out on young people’.

We are thinking about introducing a new law which will cover the following key areas:

The need for a parent or guardian to give their permission (both in writing and through attendance at the piercing appointment) before a young person below a certain age can have a cosmetic piercing (we currently think this should be below 16).

A clear age restriction for intimate cosmetic piercings.
A standard set of questions which must be asked by the piercer before any cosmetic piercing can be done.

How to respond
Please click onto the link below and submit your comments by 31 January 2012,

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