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This is a musical of laughs and upbeat music, mixed with the romantic story that you’d expect in a musical, set in the intriguing place of 1930’s New York and the “Wild West”.

The Watermill Theatre presents: “Crazy for You”. I attended a production at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 

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All of the music in this show is from Gershwin, the famous American Jazz artist. Another bonus is that the 20’s and 30’s music was made on stage, live! The story is set in America in the middle of the jazz age and follows the wealthy, frustrated Broadway hoofer called Bobby; and Polly, the daughter of a proprietor of a falling down theatre in the Wild West.

The set is a theatre within a theatre. It is a posh American gaiety theatre which comes more to life, the more you get into the show. You can always see all of the music being made live on the sides of the stage which is quite spectacular! The costumes suited the characters brilliantly; Bobby in his posh suit and Polly in her patchy and dirty clothes.

I was blown away at how talented all of the performers were. One minute they were singing, the next they were playing an instrument, the next they were dancing and the next they were doing comedy. Every performer could play multiple instruments very well. The main characters, Bobby and Irene, are portrayed by Tom Chambers (known best from Strictly Come Dancing) and Caroline Flack (best known for presenting the X-Factor and Love Island).

Although the begging to this show is quite slow, the rest of it is fantastic! The best part about it is the live music and the talent of the actors/singers/musicians/dancers.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes traditional American theatre and live music. Please visit: for tour information. 

Finally, a big thank you to the WMC for inviting us to review yet another fantastic show – check out their up-and-coming productions on their website.

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