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Aged 18-25 and interested in creative expression (whether that’s art, music, creative writing, digital storytelling, performance, or anything else)? Read on.

We’re looking for people from a range of backgrounds to get involved in our new project: Creative Challenge.

Creative Challenge will use storytelling, poetry, songwriting, collage making, crafting, painting, digital media, performance and much more, to show how art and creativity can tackle mental health stigma and discrimination.

The project is funded by Time to Change Wales and will be based at New Horizons in Aberdare. There will be ten weekly, two-hour creative sessions, where a group will come together to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. The sessions will mainly be creative workshops comprised of all the activities listed above and more — bring your ideas, your imagination, your skills and your experiences. The sessions will start on 12th May and end on July 21st. The sessions will be held 5pm-7pm, or close to it.

You don’t need to have direct experience of mental ill health and you don’t need to have any prior creative experience, but you will need an interest in the arts and/or mental health.

If you’re interested in getting involved, or would like more information, just leave a comment below. Alternatively you can contact or contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

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