Creative Challenge Update – Session 2

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The second Creative Challenge session took place on Monday19th May, at the designated venue: New Horizons in Aberdare.

As you may be aware, the first session took place on Monday,12th May and was led by acclaimed poet, Mab Jones, who is also thefirst ever Resident Poet in the National Botanic Garden of Wales. The openingsession encompassed writing poetry, with stimuli for these poems being attachedto feeling/emotions such as love, hate, sadness and more. You can read moreabout the first session here.

The second session was, again, led by Mab who – sadly – willbe delivering her third and final session as part of her involvement withCreative Challenge on the 2nd June (the session on the 26th May is cancelled due to a bank holiday). The sessions will then be led by Natasha James (Breaking Barriers) for three weeks and then Rhiannon Gray will finish the remaining three sessions with visual art.

However, this session involved writing song-lyrics, by takinginspiration from favourite lyrics brought in by the participants. Some of thelyrics brought in were ‘Alone’ by the Bee Gees, ‘I Got A Feeling’ by The BlackEyed Peas and ‘Dawn Of The First Day’ by Devil Sold His Soul. As you can see,the band genres and the lyrics were diverse, which resulted in a veryinteresting and creative session for all involved.

Mab asked the participants to either re-write the songlyrics or to add a few verses to a song of their choice. The choices could bethe songs that were brought in, or songs that the participants knew.

The participants were allowed around 15 minutes to completetheir re-writing, or adding of verses. During this time, the creative processwithin everyone was working frenetically. Everyone took the full 15 minutes andadded substantial verses or added their own poetic touch to the re-writing oflyrics.

The participants read their work out to each other at theend, with intriguing and even extremely personal interpretations of songs.

The second session was, like the first, a success and it’sfair to say that everyone involved is thoroughly enjoying working with theircreativity and producing great work.

The third session involves the participants bringing in anobject that means something to them. This will be an absorbing session – stay tunedto find out what went on. 

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