Creative Writing: An Ordinary Day At The Beach?

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It was a calm, lush day on the beach. All was flowing smoothly; there was a group of rowdy teenagers drinking cider on the rocks, an old couple enjoying their anniversary picnic, a family taking their children swimming and a homeless man scouring for metal but there was one person who was not calm and he was a little out of the ordinary.

There was a man wearing a blue pinstriped suit and he had ruffled hair and red canvas sneakers, twiddling a weird device between his forefinger and thumb as the wind brushed ever so slightly through his hair. His eyes looked as if they had seen many a war – maybe he was reminiscing about one when the old couple tried to start a conversation to which he replied with: “How could I have left her there?”

He dropped his head into his hands which then triggered the mysterious blue phone box to appear which would take him ‘home’ but as he placed his key into the lock and turned, a shout came across the beach:

“Stop! Put your hands on your head!”

As he turned, the teenagers noticed what was happening and started recording on their mobile phones but as the man went for his device a shot rang out as a warning. The man realised he was up against David Cameron with a Mosin-Nagant but all the man could say was:

“Did they really elect you?”

This then earned him a reply of, “How dare you insult me, doctor,” at which point a second blue phone box appeared and a man with a brown suit and a fez stepped out with Vladimir Putin holding a M1 Garand rifle and as the two world leaders faced off the man stepped into his phone box and teleported away.

Could this be the end?

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