Creative Writing: The New Beginning

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I was sat in my dark office when it happened. When they came for me. At least it was done properly. Fast and smooth. Now I’m sat here tied up and they’re furiously attempting to extract information from me using the old ‘You’re Drowning’ technique where you have a towel on your face and they pour a bucket of water onto the towel until you talk.

This, of course, does no harm. It just makes you really paranoid. Which they then use to their advantage, as when you’re paranoid you are more likely to tell them what they want to know. But they ain’t getting nothing outta me. Two hours pass and they leave the room for a break, I immediately look around and find a fire axe on the wall which I then hop over to and rub my hands on the sharp end of the axe, which then releases my hands from the handcuffs.

With the ability of movement freshly regained I scour the room for a weapon that’s better than an axe – these guys are packing some serious firepower. After looking through the drawers I find a .44 Magnum. If this is what they leave here for me, imagine what they are carrying! After finding my new toy I decide to take the axe, too, and I move out of the door; Magnum in one hand, fire axe in the other.

I then see shadows approaching down the hallway and I hide by the side of the door and wait like a predator trying to catch his prey. The doors open and two men step through. Complete silence comes over me as I swing the pistol into the head of the one on the right, then I bring the axe around into the neck of the other one. After I hid and looted the bodies I decided to dart towards the staircase, dropping anyone who got in my way. As I sprinted full pelt towards the staircase, shots started to ring out from both sides and I jumped out of the window – landing on an Audi A3.

As I rolled off the bonnet, more shots rang out from above which were punching through the bonnet of the Audi; rendering the car useless so I then started to run.

I then ran into my target who was out shopping, I decided ‘let’s kill two birds with one stone’. I ran past my target, pickpocketing his phone which I then used to call my team: “Good morning fellas, I hope you’re in position,” as I spun and shot my target in the back of the head with my .44 Magnum and carried on running towards the Ubisoft van and jumped in.

“Guys, tell me you brought the Kalashnikov,” said Bishop.

“Yeah, Bish, we did,” replied Barry, whilst handing Bish the Kalashnikov.

“Circle her back around,” demanded Bishop as Ben circled the van back around. Bishop slid open the secret panel and sprayed down his kidnappers.

“We are now fugitives of the British government. We need a new beginning,” Bishop stated.

“Where can we go?” asked Barry.

“I got some friends in the US,” Ben suggested.

“Well, then, it’s settled. We’re going to America.” Bish agreed.

“Good. We needed a new beginning,” Ben joked.

As the Ubisoft van drove off into the sunset, there was one problem. For hitmen, there is never a new beginning.

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