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T4 presenter asks young people in Wales to make short films about smoking and enter national competition

Non-smoking T4 presenter and host of Shipwrecked, Will Best, launches the national Cut Films short film competition from The Deborah Hutton Campaign.

The competition asks young people to research smoking, make a short film about it for their friends, upload to the national competition and share it on their social media. It’s their take on the issues associated with the dangers of smoking.

Will fronts three short films, which also double as educational resources. A film on plain packaging discuses the visual impact advertising could have on cigarette brand choice for young people. A Government consultation on plain packaging is due Spring 2012.

The Deborah Hutton Campaign was set up in memory of Deborah Hutton who was health editor at Vogue for over 20 years.

Charity director Emma Wrafter said: “It’s a fact that two-thirds of smokers start smoking before the age of 18. In Wales the average age at which children start to smoke is between 11-12 years. When we still have 100,000 people dying each year in the UK from smoking related illnesses, talking to young people about the risks is vital.

The Deborah Hutton Campaign and our Cut Films project let young people do the research and make up their own mind. Issues like plain packaging are important for young people to understand because the choices they make will impact on their health. Last year, we were delighted that the runner up winners of the competition came from Howardian Pupil Referral Unit in Cardiff. I can’t wait to see the talent from Wales this year, I hope they give the rest of the UK a run for their money!”

In 2004 Deborah Hutton was diagnosed with Stage IV advanced lung cancer. She died eight months later aged just 49. Deborah smoked when she a teenager, tried her first cigarette when she was 12, smoked regularly from 17 and gave up aged 24.

Elen de Lacy, Chief Executive at ASH Wales/ ASH Cymru supports the competition saying: “The Cut Films competition is a great way of engaging young people in Wales through filmmaking. If we want to connect with young people and ensure they make informed choices about tobacco use we must do so in a way that is most relevant and appropriate to them. We must use creative and innovative ways to reach the 16% of 15 year old girls and 11% of 15 year old boys who are regularly smoking in Wales and The Deborah Hutton Campaign enables this to happen.”

T4 youth presenter Will Best comments: “The Deborah Hutton Campaign and their Cut Films project is fantastic. It actually gives young people some credit, and asks for their voice and their views on smoking. And, most importantly, it gives young people the chance to do something genuinely creative to make a difference to their lives, and then celebrates that creativity.

This isn’t about adults telling them what to do. It’s a short film competition in which young people do the research and make the films for their friends.”

The Cut Films national short film competition closes on Friday 20 April 2012. Voting for the films closes on Monday 30 April 2012. Prizes include Kindles, IPods, festival tickets and more.

For information and to enter visit

Media Notes:
The films can be accessed through the Cut Films website or YouTube channel –

Will Best Plain Packaging film

Will Best Anti-Smoking Film

Short Film Competition

About The Deborah Hutton Campaign and Cut Films:
Cut Films is a peer-to-peer film and social media project from The Deborah Hutton Campaign educating young people about the dangers of smoking.

The charity was set up by Deborah’s husband – leading commercial’s director – Charlie Stebbings (M&S food). Romilly Stebbings, Deborah’s daughter is also on the Trustee Board as well as a student at Bristol University.

Teacher and youth activity resources are available to download at

Available for interview:
Charlie Stebbings – Founding Trustee
Emma Wrafter – Charity Director
Romilly Stebbings – Trustee and Deborah Hutton’s daughter. Romilly is 22 and studying at Bristol University.

Emma Wrafter
Charity Director – The Deborah Hutton Campaign and Cut Films
T: +44 – 020 7700 3701
M:+44 – 078179 42689

Further information:

Visit ASH Wales/ ASH Cymru website:

Download the ASH briefing on young people and smoking>>

Download the ASH briefing on plain packaging>>

Tobacco is a highly addictive drug and its use kills 5650 people every year in Wales.

Smoking cost NHS Wales an estimated £386 million in 2007/08; equivalent to £129 per head and 7% of total healthcare expenditure in Wales.

Virtually all tobacco advertising is now illegal in the UK after the Tobacco Advertising & Promotion Act 2002.

Most advertising ended on 14 February 2003 (billboards and printed publications).

Each year in England around 340,000 children under the age of 16 who have never smoked before try smoking cigarettes.

Children who live with parents or siblings who smoke are up to three times?more likely to become smokers themselves.

In England around 150,000 children aged 11- 15 are regular smokers.

Every year, over 100,000 smokers in the UK die from smoking related causes.

About half of all regular cigarette smokers will eventually be killed by their addiction.

10 million adults smoke cigarettes in Great Britain. A sixth of the population.


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