Cynon Valley Ghost Hunt @ Llancaiach Fawr

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11 young people from the Cynon Valley Youth Forum summoned the courage to hunt ghosts at one of Wales’ most haunted houses, Llancaiach Fawr.

Waiting in reception, everyone was anxious and nervous for our tour of one of the most haunted houses in Wales to begin!! Led by two tour guides, we were handed torches and meters to detect any activity and we all stood outside the house while one of the members of the group knocked the huge door to the manor.

From then on, we were in for a spooky guide of the whole house…Lots of different noises were experienced by the whole group – Some reported banging, moving of chairs, coughing and footsteps!!! (Very scary)

Some of the group also experienced being touched and could sense movement – someone brushing past, hair standing up at the back of their neck, feeling uncomfortable, hot and cold flashes and slight tugs on hair.

Throughout the tour we were told very interesting but scary stories on the history of the house. Young people also had the chance to experience staying in some of the rooms where a lot of activity has been recorded and reports of weird happenings, for a few minutes alone! Others preferred to cling onto my arms or practically sit on my lap when we entered each room!

Overall, a brilliant activity and everyone lasted the whole tour (which was looking a bit uncertain at times!) Thank you all for attending and making the trip an enjoyable but eerie one.


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