Dainton Signed Skateboard

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Themain man Lee Dainton from MTV’s Dirty Sanchez and Pritchard Vs Dainton issupporting WICID.TV!  Win this amazing signed skateboard by writing anarticle about skateboarding/BMX/rollerblading in RCT. The article has to beoriginal and written by someone who is between the ages of 11-25 and lives inRCT. 

If youhaven’t signed up to Wicid already all you have to do is sign by clicking thepink ‘sign up’ button on the top left hand side of the site. When you’ve signedin, add your article through your ‘My Wicid’ control centre. We recommend aphoto or short video clip to be submitted with the article.

Wewould also like to know why you should win this prize and what you would dowith it if you were to win, so why not incorporate this into your article or addit at the end.

Submissionsare open until 1st November 2010. The Winner will be invitedto our VIP Wicid Launch on the 3rd of November.

We will contact the winner via email and announce it on the website!


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