Dark Sun

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Chapter Six – First Kill
“What are you talking about,” Katherine didn’t understand anything he was talking about, “what do you mean ‘lose their souls’?”
Andrew didn’t know how to explain, he didn’t want to “When a human dies and becomes a vampire that person isn’t the same. They get taken over by Demons. When your friend becomes a vampire and you look into their eyes you are not looking at your friend any more.”
Katherine couldn’t cope her legs gave way beneath her, her head was spinning “I’m hungry”.
“I have blood bags, I’ll get you one” he walked into the kitchen and grabbed a blood bag from the fridge. He heard a smash coming from the living room. He ran in and Katherine was gone and a vase was smashed on the floor next to the seat where she’d been.

Katherine ran from the building, she was hungry and she smelled something, it was the greatest smell ever. She followed the smell, moving faster than ever, her midnight black hair waving behind her. She followed the smell to a bar that was small and smelt awful apart from that one smell. She kept going until she found the source, a woman was on the floor she was bleeding her stomach was cut deep. “Help me,” she said her voice hollow “please!” Katherine walked up to the woman and leaned down beside her, her eyes wide. The woman had light brown hair that was tied in a bun, she had a tan that was obviously fake, she was covered in make up but all Katherine could think about was the blood. She couldn’t stop her self from touching it. She smelled the blood on her fingers and then tasted it. It was the greatest taste ever. It was warm and metallic and so wonderful. Katherine couldn’t stop herself she felt her canines grow and sharpen. She leaned down and sunk her teeth into the woman’s throat, the woman gave out a gasp and then went stiff quickly, Katherine pulled back, blood running down her mouth “I’m sorry” she said and then bit again this time the woman didn’t struggle it was too late. Katherine killed someone but it felt good, she liked it, she was a monster.

Andrew ran from the house and quickly smelled the blood, but before he could run, he felt something hit his head and he collapsed.

Katherine placed the body in a meadow and just looked at it horrified, but suddenly the body burst into flames “Fire” she heard “Amazing isn’t it” she recognised the voice and spun around. “Jules” she gasped “Why didn’t you warn me! I should have listened to Andrew.”
“If you had, you would have ended up like her,” she gestured to the burning body “He won’t bother anyone again.”
“What? Why did you set her on fire?”
“I didn’t you did, fire is an amazing power right?”
“What did you do to Andrew?”
Jules smirked “Why do you care?”


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