Dark Sun – Chapter Four

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Chapter Three – Explaination

Chapter Four – Superstitions

“I think we should take you home” said Jules.
“We can leave school when ever we want.” said Andrew.
Katherine stood and they walked out of the house.
“When will I become a vampire?”
“When you are ready” Jules answered, her voice calm and smooth.
“When will that be?”
“Time will tell”

Katherine walked into her house and Jules and Andrew stopped in front of the door. “What’s wrong?”
“We need to be invited in” Jules said looking annoyed. The problem with being a vampire, too many rules.
“Come in” Jules and Andrew entered smiling, hands behind their backs.

She noticed the eye colours now. Jules’ eyes were light blue, like the sky on a cloudless day and Andrew’s were dark brown like mud. Katherine looked around and noticed the house was almost done, wow, she thought, that was fast. 

Katherine seemed to forget about their ‘diet’ and said “Would you like something to eat?”
“Not unless you have a pint of coleg kid in the kitchen” Jules laughed but Katherine felt ill. “So lets explain to you the transformation process”
“Not here, what about my parents?”
“At the moment” said Andrew “you are the only living person in the house. Your parents have gone out. We would have smelt them.”
Katherine felt awkward, there were things she wanted to know “Can vampires be seen in mirrors?”
Jules walked into the living room and Katherine and Andrew followed. They looked in the mirror and only Katherine was there. “So cameras don’t work on you?”
“No they don’t”
“Holy Water?”
“Just fresh water. Holy water is drinkable.”
“Stake through the heart?”
“Yep, when I was alive people staked humans who were believed to be vampires. A stake will kill humans too.”
“Myth. I don’t like it but Danny, Sarah and Zack like it.”
“Silver bullets?”
“That’s werewolves” Jules began to laugh. Her laugh was brilliant, like chiming bells. “Oh, and we don’t sparkle” she laughed even louder and Andrew joined in.


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