Dark Sun – Chapter One

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Chapter One – The New Girl

Katherine Loreck just arrived at her new home in Maerdy. It was a small, two story house with four bedrooms. The doors and windows had faded red paint around it, it was not what she was used to, she had just moved from L.A. She lived in a three story house with three bathrooms it was huge. She jumped out of her fathers people carrier, holding a cardboard box full of her favorite books and DVD’s. 

She looked up at the stunning blue sky. “Beautiful”, she thought, “this place is amazing”. Then the peace was broken when she heard a shrill, screeching voice.

“What a Dump, I miss L.A.” 

It was her older sister, Amy. She turned around and her older brother, Charlie, and little brother, Jake, jumped out of the car along with their parents. 

“We have to hurry, you lot are supposed to start school soon. We’re a few days late.” 

Katherine looked down at her clothes. All of them were wearing their uniform. Herself, her sister and Charlie were wearing grey trousers, black jumpers and white polo shirts and Jake was wearing a blue jumper normal trousers and a orange polo shirt. Amy was wearing a skirt. 

“Lynda,” her dad said “Drop the kids off at school. I’ll start and you can help when you return” their mother nodded and ushered the kids in the car. First she dropped Jake off and then she took them to their school, Parkers Comprehensive school. 

Amy was very stylish, she had long blonde hair that went down her back like a golden waterfall. She was very pretty and as soon as she entered the building every one greeted her. Charlie was handsome, tall and had short brown hair that curved over his ears. Katherine herself was tall and slim, she has long black hair and very pale skin. She was never very popular and never really had any friends. At least I wont be the odd one out, she thought when she entered the school ground. 

She was looking at a group of teenagers, three boys and three girls. One girl had pale blonde hair, almost white, the others had long brown hair. All the boys had dark hair, the colour was difficult to tell. They were all very pale. 

“Hi” said a voice from behind her. She was not used to the strong Welsh accent and it made her jump. She turned around and there was a tall, pretty girl with brown hair, dark skin and next to her a short pale girl with bright orange hair. 

“Hi” said the pale girl “You must be new. I’m Cassy, and this is Liz.” 

“I’m Katherine. Nice to meet you. Sorry, I’m not used to the Welsh accent” 

“I understand” said Cassy “You must be American by the sound of your accent?” Katherine nodded and looked again at the group of teenagers. 

“Who are they?” she asked.

“They’re weird,” said Liz, “they’re best friends, they don’t talk to anyone but each other.”

“Yeah,” said Cassy, “and they’re never seen with food or drink, and they’re deadly pale. The blonde one is Jules Marco, she is the girlfriend of the ‘leader’, the one with the lightest hair, Andrew Giero. The girl with the pink highlights is Daisy Sheran, and the other one is Sarah May. The two other boys are Zack and Danny Verox”


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