Dark Sun – Chapter Two

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Chapter One – The New Girl

Chapter Two: The Group

“They are almost as pale as I am” Katherine said to Cassy when they were walking to Welsh.

“I know, but Andrew, Zack and Danny are hot for people so pale” Cassy said. They were all beautiful, their beautifully chiseled features, white like marble. 

The Welsh classroom was bright, the wall paper was light green, the floor was light blue. The teacher was a woman, small and skinny with grey hair and wrinkly, you could put pennies in her skin.

“Hello. You must be Katherine, right?” Katherine nodded and took a seat at the front of the class. 

She looked around. Cassy was in front sitting next to a blonde boy. She looked behind her and there was Jules Marco and Andrew Giero sitting at the back next to each other and in the middle of the class was Zack Verox. She didn’t notice that Jules was staring at her. Her eyes still and smooth, her mouth was a straight line, she turned and whispered to Andrew, cupping her mouth with her hand. Zack’s ears pricked up as if he heard everything Jules was saying.

“Katherine, o ble’r ydych yn dod?” said the teacher. Katherine did not know what she said, and was worried that Cassy had told “Miss” she was an American and could not speak Welsh and Katherine blushed. After class she, walked to PE only to see Sarah May, Danny Verox and Daisy Sheran standing by the stairs waiting for the others. When the others came they all frowned lightly and Jules nodded. They walked away under the stairs. 

Katherine listened, straining her ears, all she could make out was “She can’t be it’s…”, that was a boy, “She is, I’m telling you…”, a girl, “I don’t”. She couldn’t hear any more. She heard footsteps heading towards her and she ran. 

What was that about? What were they talking about? Who were they talking about? Were they talking about her? 

She didn’t slow down until she got to PE. When she got there everyone else was already changed, and one of those people was Sarah May. It couldn’t be, but she knew that pale, beautiful face anywhere. Even though she didn’t know her, she would know her anywhere, but she was at the other end of the school in her proper school uniform and here she was her hair in a pony tail. She was wearing baggy grey tracksuit bottoms and a blue shirt. She shook her head and screamed and ran out of the building. She got to the school gate when she ran into a boy, Andrew Giero, and the others all standing in front of her. 

Sarah was still in her PE kit, she couldn’t cope and she fainted. When she woke up she was in a big, dark room with red wallpaper and a wooden floor. She was on a black leather settee, next to a large glass table, with blue orchids in a blue vase in the middle of the table. She heard the voices of teenagers, first a girl “I can’t believe we brought her here”, then a boy saying “We had to, Jules said…”

“I know what she said!” The girl shouted.

“Daisy, calm down,” shouted another girl. Katherine jumped off the settee and they stared at her. 

“What are you? Who are you?” she shouted. She was terrified.

“Katherine, calm down, we’re not going to hurt you” said Andrew.

“Speak for yourself” said Daisy, Sarah hit her across the back of her head.

“What are you? I will calm down if you tell me!” Andrew told her to sit down and she did and Jules sat next to him and the others left. 

“Katherine,” said Jules, “You have to know this, this is important. Don’t scream, okay? Brace yourself” Katherine nodded. 

“Katherine, we were not born in this time period. I died in 1823 and Andrew in 1799. Katherine, we are not human, we are Vampires.” Katherine’s eyes opened wide, her jaw dropped. She was breathing heavy, she was scared. 

“You’re Vampires?” she spat out, not believing the words she just said. 

“Yes,” said Andrew, “we are a group of special Vampires Day walkers, really rare, that’s why we’re a group. I know this is difficult to understand, but when Jules whispered to me, it was to tell me that you are like us, you are chosen.”


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