Dark Sun

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Chapter Five – Living Dead Person

“So that’s how it works” Jules said after explaining the transformation.
“Let me get this straight. I have to die, it has to be Andrew because it needs to be a male vampire. I need to be drained to the point of death and then buried and wait for you two and the others to dig me out.”
“Yes” Jules said. She looked excited but Andrew looked worried. “You have to do it now.”
“Ok.” Andrew sighed and stood, Katherine did the same. Jules whispered something to him. Andrew walked up to Katherine and lifted her head so her throat was exposed.
“This,” he said slowly “will only hurt a little” Katherine felt tears fall onto her neck but she couldn’t understand why he was crying. Then she felt his soft lips on her neck then a sudden pain that was gone almost instantly. A rush of emotions fled through her happiness, joy and love, then she suddenly saw a life flash before her eyes, not hers though, his. She saw a family torn apart,  a little girl getting dragged away, and on the floor a man lay dead and a woman kneeling next to him shouting “No! My children! Alexia! Andrew! No!”. Next she saw only darkness, she could make out hands breaking through wood and digging through the dirt. Then she saw a girl who looked familiar. Black hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She looked just like Katherine but she was wearing an old fashioned dress that was white and covered in trim. Princess Victoria of Italy. Italy? Andrew was Italian and this must have been his first victim, then she saw Victoria on the floor her throat ripped out and last she heard what Jules said to Andrew “Don’t let her into your mind. And try not to run with her” that sounded like a threat. Suddenly Katherine was down dead. Jules wiped Andrew’s mouth with a tissue, she picked up the house phone and dialed a number putting on Katherine’s voice “Mum! Mum help me! There’s someone in the house!” then she put the phone down and Andrew walked out of the kitchen with a knife and slit Katherine’s throat and cut himself rubbing the blood on Katherine’s cuts. “Come Andrew” Jules said walking away.
When Jules left, Andrew leaned down and closed Katherine’s eyes and kissed her on her lips “Don’t go, Katherine. Don’t lose your soul.” He stood and walked out the door with Jules.

After her mum returned and found Katherine dead she immediately phoned Katherine’s father, after phoning the police they phoned the school.

Later that day was Katherine’s funeral. It wasn’t a tidy funeral, she had a white coffin that ‘strangely’ was given to them for free and they had two young people who ‘strangely had the funeral all arranged. One was a young woman with extremely light hair, it was almost white, and the other a young man with dark hair ‘Dan’ he said his name was.
When Katherine woke up it was dark and it was cramped, she heard banging on wood and suddenly a shovel came through the top and two pairs of hands ripped the coffin lid off. Danny and Zack. Standing behind was Jules, Andrew, Daisy and Sarah. Andrew looked very depressed. It was the middle of the night but Katherine could see clearly “Am I a…?”
“Yes, you are” said Jules smiling.
Andrew made a face that said ‘you said that like it’s a good thing’
They pulled her out and when they got to the street Andrew took her to his house. “Andrew are you ok?”
“No,” Andrew said “Katherine, Jules is evil, a monster. I don’t want it to happen to you. When people become vampires they lose there emotions and soul. Only one vampire has ever kept their soul. And that vampire is me, he said and held her shoulders and tears went down his cheeks “Not you, Katherine. Keep your soul, stay you. Don’t go. Not you. Please. I need you to stay you”.


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