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A new helpline was launched this June, the launch was in Treharris Boys and Girls club, and the helpline helps those suffering from substance misuse

DASPA is one service that streamlines the groups and organisations that assist young people who are struggling with alcohol and drugs.

The event brought together South Wales Police, TEDS and members of the local community to try and raise awareness of substance misuse and the support accessible across Rhondda Cynon Taff and Merthyr Tydfil.

I, like most people my age, do enjoy the occasional drink and a Saturday night out – I consider myself to be quite educated about alcohol, units and my own limits, but we have all taken it a little too far at times – I took part in a survey that measures the unit intake of a typical week. The survey was available in the launch. 

Unlike most students, I am not out every weekend, in fact, it is less than once a month. I enjoy a glass of wine and a film in the middle of the week, of course, but that’s only 1 unit. I decided to fill out a week’s worth of drinking, if I combined these two habits, and even I was shocked.

From Monday to Saturday the survey reported 30.5 units, and told me that this amount of alcohol could cause irreversible damage or even death by 2019. Although even on a week I go out, I would not consume more than 12 units in a weekend, but even so, this survey was an amusing, but weary warning.

Other activities included a police metal scanner, graffiti arts, questionnaires and a host of information leaflets and awareness raising activities from different organisations.

The launch was an informative and educative look into what DASPA can provide and for more information about DASPA, click the related article below.

Find our photos from the launch here.

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