Day In The Life Of A St John Volunteer

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On Sunday, the 16th August, I was out on duty with St John Cymru Wales, and I have done a sort timeline on what my day was like:

6am – Woke up and had breakfast. Got ready and changed in to my uniform.

6:15 – Left my house and went to Pencoed Fire Station to get in a St John ambulance.

6:45 – Done routine vehicle checks on our vehicle.

6:50 – Left Pencoed and headed for Porthcawl.

7am – Arrived at Porthcawl; received a briefing and carried out more checks on our response car.

10:30am – Event was over, I headed to the Glamorgan hunt which was not far from St Mary’s golf club.

10:45 – Arrived at event and went out on patrol.

13:00 – Time for me to go home and eat!

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