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Father’s Day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

To celebrate Father’s Day, the Wicid Editorial Team have written a letter to their dads.

Why not write a letter to your dad or father figure to let them know how much they mean to you?

Dear Daddy
I want you to know that I love you.
Even though we have never used that word we both know that the feeling is present.
I want to say I am very proud of you and that I admire the man you are.
I am who I am because of the education you gave me. I think that is the most important thing that a girl can inherit from her father.
Father, you were always by my side, supporting me and giving me strength, but I never told you how important you are and how much love I have for you. So on this special day I want you to know that I love you very much.
Andreia Pereira

Dear Father,
I want you to know that I really, really admire you as a man, as a husband and of course as a father!
All these years I have been watching you waking up early in the morning to go to work and coming back late in the night but the curious thing about it is that I never heard you complain about it!
You always showed us that our comfort and stability were your priority but you also introduced to us the importance of values such as honesty and dignity.
You taught us how to distinguish between what is really important from what is superfluous, but for me the most important is that you show us everyday how much you love and care, giving what for me is the best example of how a human being can be great in his/her own simplicity.
All this is to tell you Mr Bernardo Vaz:
I love you daddy!!!
Maria Vaz

I take this blessed day to thank you infinitely for all the love and affection, and for all the protection and safety that you have given to me throughout my life, as well as the excellent education and values, because I just am what I am today thanks to you and mom!
Happy Father’s Day!
Many kisses full of love
Your Ines
Ines Semedo

Dear Dad
I just wanted to say thank you for the support that you’ve given me over the years, and the confidence that you’ve had in me and the decisions I’ve made. With all the changes that have happened over the past year I’m glad that I know that you’re there to talk and to help me – even if it is to say “I told you so!” when the decisions I’ve made aren’t always the best ones!  Happy Fathers Day!   
Rhys Taylor

Dear Dad,
This is a letter for you Dad for Father’s day and just to say thank you. But first I would like to say you’re the person who knows me best. You know what I like and most of all what I don’t. You make me laugh and smile even when the sky is grey. I know what I know today because of you, school taught me most things but you are the best teacher any daughter could have.  We might disagree on some things but one thing that we do agree on is I’m always right. I would like to thank you for all the things you have done for me and the things that you do, you always support and encourage me in whatever I do.  Thank you.
Hannah Griffiths

Dear Dad,
I don’t think you know how much I love you. You are the most amazing dad a kid (or adult I suppose, since Angie & Luke are adults) could ever have. You are too kind to me and you are always there to give me advice and guide me in the right direction. I love the fact that we can talk for hours about anything and everything. When my friends are in a bad mood and go on about how they “hate their dad”… well, I don’t think I could ever say that I hate you because you always give to me.

I know you keep apologising for when things go wrong – like the catastrophe in Paris last year – well, like I said before, I forgive you. Sometimes things go wrong but that’s life, dad and no way do I blame you for it. Even the time when you accidentally gave me a nose bleed! It wasn’t your fault! (Yes, I did have to bring that up just to wind you up. Oh, you know I Love you really and I’ve forgiven you for that,too!)

Since it’s Father’s day, I think I better fess up about something. Your cheesy sense of humor. I complain about it a lot, I know. Well, secretly, I love it! It’s what makes you who you are and at least you’re not boring like other dads! I know you’re not like most dads because of how you look and what you like, but that makes you a special dad. It makes you My dad (okay, okay, OUR dad if I include Angie and Luke) and I don’t want you to change for the world.

I love you dad and I hope you know that. You are so amazing and I never ever want to lose you.
Jazmin Williams oxoxoxo

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4 thoughts on “Dear Dad…”

  1. BethanTheBarmy says:

    Dear Dickmond,
    The saying goes that the most important man in a girl’s life is her daddy, and this has never rung true as much as it does for me. I’ve been through a lot, I’ve made stupid mistakes, I’ve been the ‘problem’ child for long enough, and you’re still the greatest friend to me that I could ever ask for. You have three children who each love you dearly, and you make sure that none of us want for anything. You know me better than anyone, and you know exactly what to do or say when I’m stressed out or upset. You sympathise when I need sympathy, you embrace me when I need to be embraced and, dare I say it, you shout at me when I need to be shouted at. You, just like your father, are an amazing man as well as a father, and I’ve never looked up to anyone more.
    It’s cruel that father’s day is so close to all the crap that has gone on here recently, and it really kills me that I can’t see you every day any more. Not having you here to wake me up or not being able to look forward to you coming home is the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with, and I don’t want us to lose the amazing relationship we have. It’s my turn to say I’m proud of you now dad, for being the best dad anyone could want. I’ve never been as proud of anything as I am of my daddy-daughter relationship, and whether you’re living with us or not, that’s never going to change.However, if you read this, I may have to kill you, because you’re not supposed to know.
    I love you, Bethan.

  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    I’m reading mine out on my dad’s radio show this Saturday. That’s one of his prezzies off me! (I have others too, don’t worry, I’m not a cheap skate! haha) x

  3. Ollys_Direction says:

    I feel guilty because I’ve left my stepdad out. I’m going to write him a letter,too…

    Dear Bob,

    It’s unfair for me to leave you out on fathers day, even though you have Ryan, but I want you to know that I really do appreciate you. Although you act like a little brother than a stepdad because you pretend to be immiture, you’re still really good to me.

    We’ve argued now and then but apparetnly it’s not normal if you don’t argue… we must be the most normal family ever, then! I want to thank you for being good to me over the years. You’re just epic. I also appreciate that you’ve not tried to take the role of my father since I still see him all the time and he’s my real dad. I’d like to thank you for cheering me up when I’ve been down,too. Your mad moments are so hilarious and your childhood stories have me in stiches everytime! It has to be said, you are a nutter. If you dare change, though, you’ll be in for it haha. I’d also like to say well done on the back garden you’re working on right now. It looks brilliant and I reckon the neighbours are jealous! Who wouldn’t be? It’s better than their crummy gardens!

    What you did for Esther during that accident was so brave of you. I’m glad to know that a friend of mine had someone as special as you be with her for her final moments. I don’t think I know anyone else who would have been as brave as you back then. I’m really proud of you. You stayed strong and not many people could of done anything as brave as that.

    So, Happy Fathers’ day, you nutter! Love you! x x x

  4. Anonymous says:

    Greetings from Cardiff! I found this the other day:

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