Dear Miley, This Is Goodbye

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This is weird, writing a letter to you when you’ll never see it and you’ll probably not be happy about what I have to say, but I need to say it.

I was a Smiler since you first burst onto our screens as little Hannah Montana in the first episode. Getting to know you in interviews on YouTube and the positive messages you gave out were amazing and I immediately fell in love with you (as a fan, nothing else) and I especially adored your book, Miles To Go.

For years I admired you and looked up to you. When you took off the Hannah wig and told us you couldn’t be tamed, I was all for it – edgier Miley was amazing and this was the change over from pop star princess to being you. But, lately, things have changed…

I still love your music. ‘We Can’t Stop’ has a great message and ‘Wrecking Ball’ is beautiful. But your image’s changed too much and not in a good way. The VMA’s were shocking.

Your voice and beauty were maintained, but the performance? I was in a lot of shock. That wasn’t the Miley I know. When ‘Wrecking Ball”s VEVO video came out, I knew one thing was for sure – we’ve gone our separate ways.

I get that you’re growing up and you’re not this little girl anymore, but this new image scares me. A lot. I’ll never stop loving you and I thank you for the lessons you’ve taught me, but we’ve both grown up and gone our own ways about it. You’re still a talented and beautiful person with a good heart, but this just isn’t for me.

I know you don’t like being slammed for being you and I’m not doing that to you. I’m just saying my reasons as to why I’m no longer a Smiler and one of your biggest fans. Your fan-base is amazing and I hope they support you as much as I did for all those years. I still love and appreciate you but like I said, we’ve gone our separate ways. It pains me to say all of this, since you meant everything to me throughout my entire pre-teen and teen years and gave me memories I will never ever forget.

Good luck with everything you do and I hope you last a long time in your career, but Miley? For me, this is goodbye.

I hope your new album does really well and if it’s as awesome as your two new songs, I’ll be buying it. I could never not like you, but people change and that’s just life, I suppose.

Love forever,

An ex-Smiler x

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