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Yn Gymraeg

Dear World.

I thought I’d discuss the weekend that has just been, as it was a CLIC weekender. Huzzah.

Once again, those involved with CLIC and the regional sites traveled towards another residential. This time, it was between the ninth and the eleventh of September and the venue was the Red Ridge Centre in Welshpool. This residential focused on acquiring an OCN accreditation, and each of those who attended the two-night stay had a choice between three OCNs — Creative Writing, Video Stories and Picture Diaries.

But before the accreditations we had to travel to the Powys-based centre, and for that we have to begin at the beginning, and for this time, the Wicid team began at Pontypridd Train Station, waiting for a white bus to pick us up. And, for the first time that I can remember, the bus actually got to the destination on time. Scheduled for six in the afternoon, arrived roughly at that time. I call that a win, considering it took ten hours to get to Anglesey and back for the last residential. But we didn’t make a song or dance about that. Well, a song was made, but no dance. Anyway, a return on the latest residential.

We arrived. The sky was grey, but it did not hinder the excitement for what was in store for us. And the two buses followed suit, and after some food had been nommed (technical term for you all there), the introduction to the weekend began. In short, we were told what we were going to do over the weekend and the group decided on what rules we should have for the period.

Though one thing was possibly on everyone’s mind, and that was that there was no signal for our phones, and not much in the form of internet. Granted, there were some ethernet cables in the lounge for us to plug into our laptops to surf the web, but next-to-no wi-fi. “Oh no”, a Family Guy quote that was thought by many. Possibly.

After sleeping the night away (though I cannot be certain if others slept as much as I did) and the time people call breakfast had passed, the workshops began. As I, like others in the group, already finished two of the accreditations, it was bestowed to me to undergo the Photo Diaries OCN, which involved using a number of images to tell a story of some kind. As my creative juices were set to the vinegar setting, I thought it was only logical to steal — I mean acquire — images from the CLIC Flickr gallery, and as there was a somewhat definitive beginning-middle-end of the images, I underwent the process of collecting images from the last residential. We, as in those doing Photo Diaries, then entered the world of iMovie, and placed the images to create a short film that would be accompanied to some music.

In between all the hard work, we had some activities to do. There were three activities, and those were caving, rock climbing, zip wire and archery. As I am both idiotic and a wimp, I didn’t do them (well, except for archery), though I did film some of it.

And how could I forget the moment that the CLIC staff forced… I mean, suggested… that we sing a song for Tania, as it was her birthday over that weekend. Pity she didn’t come too, but ah well, penblwydd hapus Tania. There you go. Heh.

And that, as they say, was that. Though before we departed, we had the pleasure to watch and hear (nearly) every piece of work that was created over the weekend, which included some funky videos and some really good stories that were written in the Creative Writing workshop.

And after that, that was the end of another residential. After the obligatory group photo, we headed our separate ways once again.

So yeah, we’ve had two residentials in North Wales in a row now, what are the chances that they’ll hold a residential in RCT? None, I assume.

I thank ye, world. Oh, and CLIC for a well good weekend.

To see all the photos and videos from the CLIC Residential, head to our Photo Gallery and Video Gallery now.

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6 thoughts on “Dear World: CLIC Weekender In Welshpool”

  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    It was a great weekend! And I too was a wimp and didn’t do the activities except archery. And you forgot to mention Clic’s Got Talent! :O

  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    For a moment then, Dan, I thought you was going to post the video of me and Vicky. I’m thankful that you didn’t!

  3. Ollys_Direction says:

    You could have done your awesome rubix cube thingy that you can do that baffles the rest of us. And we forgive you!

    And Sam, you’re coming on the next one, no matter what. We’ll just kidnap you. x

  4. Toriabeth! says:

    haha, very good, um, crazydistortion…:P It was a brilliant weekend! “Dwi’n hoffi siarad cymraeg…..” 😉

  5. Ollys_Direction says:

    Toriabeth! please don’t start that again! I’d much rather you have your rants about Jeremy Kyle and Chavs and whatnot! I have nothing against Welsh it’s just I can’t understand it and I probably won’t for a looong time (unless I decide to do a Welsh course in the future which I am considering…) so I like speaking English. But yeah, your rants when we were sitting around that table were funny! x

  6. CrazyDistortion says:

    @CLICtania In my defense, it is more north than not. Granted, it’s not as north as Wrexham or Anglesey, but it’s more north than south. Come on, you can’t take that away from me. =]. But yeah, I was never good at Geography… how will Clic ever forgive me?…

    And we weren’t forced, that was a joke. And if we knew you would have watched it late, we should have sung “penblwydd hapus hwyr i chi” (I’m unsure what belated is in Welsh… forgive the lack of Welshiness that I wield). Hehe.

    @Ihavethecyrusvirusx It wouldn’t be interesting to everyone else. What would you rather, someone sing and dance, or someone standing up for two minutes to fix a Rubik’s cube? Hehe.

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