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Dear World.

I just remembered a quote from the residential that has passed. A quote regarding me.

That quote, although it may not be quoted accurately, was “you don’t talk much”.

Granted, I’ve heard that quote loads of times, along with “I’ve never seen you eat”. And it’s true, I don’t talk a lot. And there are loads of reasons for it, and there’s one outstanding reason – I’m not good at it.

Yes, I can vibrate my vocal chords. Also yes, I can move my mouth to create shapes that will change the sound of the vibrations. I can do those two things in my sleep. The problem lies in the art of conversation. Well, not in conversation itself, but for me to start a conversation with others.

With me, I find that I only initiate a conversation for one main reason, and that reason is to ask another for information. And by information, I don’t mean “why would Phil Mitchell do such a thing?”

I’m sure that many people would know that already, certainly the people behind Wicid and Clic know that this is the case. And so far in both my real life and my life as a Clicer (if that is indeed the term), I’ve not had a problem with it.

Well, I say I haven’t had a problem, I assume others have. Because I don’t talk much, I assume people think I’m just ignoring everyone, just sitting there, wallowing in my own silence like a stereotypical emo child that thinks that the smooth sounds of My Chemical Romance’s Helena song is the only way to give my life meaning. But that is not the case.

Personally, I kind of live by a rather old fashioned rule – don’t speak unless you’re spoken to. It’s not that I take that rule as gospel. It is mainly because I rather prefer to be unnoticed than be in the limelight all of my life. Maybe that’s one reason why I want to be a designer of sorts, or a bass player. Ah, the joys of stereotyping in the music industry, eh?

And as I walked downstairs while thinking I rather dislike the concept art for Final Fantasy VII (which is not the seventh sequel in the series), I thought to myself a thought that I had thought up a while back to a question I was asked about my usage of social networks.

My behaviour in real life has followed onto the web that is world wide (or, as I like to call it, life 2.0), especially on social websites.

Like most people, I have a profile on a few social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (because I like new things). Now, my behaviour on Facebook and Twitter is totally different to each other.

On Facebook, I hardly update a status nor do I like statuses, and when I need to get in contact with someone for some reason, I send a personal message, so only that person gets it. Most of the posts on my profile page revolve on me being friends with people and being tagged in images taken in Clic and Wicid events. Other than that, I’m behind the curtains.

Twitter, on the other hand, I’m much more active. I tweet rather regularly, re-tweet those updates that I find interesting or funny and I publicly contact people when I need to.

So, why am I so different on two social networks? Well, my gorgeous reader, I think I have an answer for you.

The thing that’s different about Facebook and Twitter is the whole way the people aspect of both networks work. On Facebook, person A must accept a friend request from person B so then person B can see anything that person A posts. On Twitter, that’s not the case. If person A wants to follow person B, they can do so without the need of person B accepting it (well, as long as their profile isn’t set to private). And if person B fancies following person A, so be it.

That’s the thing about Twitter that I like. If you want to stop receiving someone’s updates, just un-follow them. If someone’s following you yet you don’t want to follow them, boom. Granted, I know that Facebook’s got a new subscribe feature that is remarkably similar to Twitter. When will websites have an original idea?

Well, there you go. I’m off to try and complete Final Fantasy IV. I’m fearless, it’s true.

I thank ye, world.

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