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Dear World

It seems that idiocy has hit the world of television. And no, I don’t mean the recommissioning of the X Factor…

Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman has reportedly banned Christmas trees from its set.

The Newsnight studio is shared with BBC Breakfast, which has a tree behind the sofa. Paxman is now hailed as a modern day Scrooge, with him reportedly saying that he doesn’t want the set to look like “Santa’s grotto”.

So, what am I going to discuss? Well, I’m going to write a quick thing in defense of Paxman’s quotes, although I’m not entirely sure if they are correct or not.

First of all, not having a Christmas tree up does not give the right to brand someone a Scrooge, nor is it a symbol of someone’s hatred of Christmas.

No, I’m not playing the “political correctness” card. I have no problems with people celebrating Christmas, neither do I believe that if one television channel/studio decorates for Christmas, they must do it for every religious holiday.

I fully back Paxman in this statement, if it is indeed true. I actually believe that overuse of the holiday within factual television programming will just bore the masses.

I really don’t take notice when a programme has their decorations up. It’s up to the shows themselves if they want to celebrate Christmas by decorating the set.

And that, my improbable world, brings me down to my own thoughts on decorations.

I have been continuously asked if I have “trimmed up” my house yet. Which, as of the nineteenth of December, I have not. And it is another form of peer pressure.

You might not think it is, but it is. It’s hard to describe what I mean, but when you think about it, you realise it’s almost exactly like people trying to get you to smoke when you’re fourteen, only less harmful to your health (unless you get tonsilitis… I need a day job…).

Anyway, what is the point of putting tinsel around the house and that? For the die-hard Christmas people, how long do they keep them up (the decorations, now)? Just over a month? Maybe two if they have some sort of obsession for even numbers?

And before anyone goes all “oh, you Scrooge” on my rather delectable rear, I’m not saying this for no reason. I believe the same for anything that can be classed as a holiday.

Also, I’d like to question the reasonings behind keeping Christmas and birthday cards up for a set amount of time. In my house, that’s roughly seven days. And every time I head downstairs the week of my birthday, it is filled with cards. And before you ask, I usually get about four cards. I have a small house, okay?

I don’t know, it just seems that everybody of every age has some sort of memory loss when it comes to celebration. I know it was my birthday on a certain date, I don’t need reminding of it.

But I can guess what the replies will be to this post.

“You’re selfish”…

“You just don’t understand”…

“What an amazing username you’ve got there”…

But I’m sorry, I can’t change the way I think. I am a minimalistic realist. I think, am I?

I can’t think of anything else, so here’s the outro.

I thank ye, world.


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