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Dear World

I sometimes think to myself, “did I make the right decision when it comes to my education?”

I have done ever since I had the choice of subjects to study for my GCSE examinations. I ended up studying French, Electronics and Design and Technology. I sometimes wonder would it have been beneficial for me to have studied Music instead of Electronics, but what’s done is done.

The second time where I questioned my decision was for my A levels. I began my final hurdle of secondary education studying Art, Chemistry, Physics, Music Technology and Media Studies. A month later, I dropped out of Media since it was heavily essay-based, and I found it awkward to write essays. Nearing the end of the year, I was kicked out of art, but that’s nothing to cry about.

One thing that I’m questioning, nearly one year after I made the decision – was university the right decision?

I’ll be honest, I thought that heading to university was the next logical step. I thought that’s what everybody does. 

I turned into a mindless sheep of UCAS‘ bidding. Everyone in my year was talking about it. “Where are you heading for university?” a question I heard rather often, with the others being “What courses?” and “Fancy coming down to the Chinese later for dinner?” 

I didn’t really mind that nobody from my university applied for the same course as I did. I even though “get in, I’m unique”. Well, not really. I thought it will be the best stepping stone for me to get into the world of graphics and design.

Now, nearing the end of the year in my course as I don’t have exams this year (get in), I wonder, did I make the right choice?

Look at the facts, the only real things I’ve learned from this course is to design stuff for web by using code and Flash, while brushing up on my editing skills on Photoshop. Theory wise, I learned about internet safety, the science behind an MP3 file and the difference between high pass filters and low pass filters. And I think to myself, would I have learned all this anyway if I didn’t go to university, only it would have taken a longer time for me to learn them?

I can’t answer that. I wish I could, but alas I do not possess the ability to turn back time and redo my decision.  Maybe one say some clever Jack will build one, offer it to me because he likes the way I sit on a chair and allow me to see how things wool have turned out.

Come to think of it, is university for me the ultimate form of procrastination?

Confused? Allow me.

Just as I was writing all this down on my merry Mac, I wondered if studying in university was just my way of not getting a full time job. Look at the facts, I’m probably working half as hard as some people are working and earning more than some others. I’m getting a rather decent amount of money just to learn and live, while workers just get small streams of currency flowing to them to feed their needs.

Don’t think I’m being rather idiotic here, dear world. I know that I will need to pay back close to twelve thousand pounds for university fees. It was just a thought.

Maybe it’s the same reason as to why I have not learned how to drive yet – I don’t feel old enough. Maybe university was not the best step to take logically. Maybe I needed to gain experience under my belt via college and the head into adulthood on the ship named university.

I know, I know. I’m going on here. Though, I vow to you now, world. I will not be dropping out of university. University is a big thing. I’m still going through with it. Maybe next year, I’ll feel differently.

I thank ye, world.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Really great article G. One of your best methinks. Well, certainly topic wise anyway. I can relate 100%. I made mistakes in my GCSE choices and can only wonder what school would’ve been like had I chosen something else. A-Levels, I thought I’d made all the right choices. Seems not though. Uch, A-Level history…

    At the beginning of uni, I felt like I had made a mistake and was doubting myself. Although things are picking up now. Plus it’s the same uni as you! =P Who needs old friends when you’ve got CLIC friends eh? Again, a fantastic choice and a great article! One tip: proof read next time? =P

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