Dear World – Eisteddfod Yr Urdd 2011

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Dear World.

I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone this week. Well, in practice it’s more like “writing two articles in one”, but it’s not as poetic as the former, I’m sure you’ll agree.

This time around, it’s the Eisteddfod, and I’m merging my Eisteddblog (a series of blogs written by the young people who promoted Clic during the Eisteddfod) with the ill-informed musings that is my Dear World. Aren’t you lucky.

As I said above, I was meant to write a blog to describe my experience at the Eisteddfod, the Eisteddfod yr Urdd, to be more precise. And I’d be named a stickler for precision when I mention that this year it was hosted in Swansea Bay. I was one of the young people who attended this shindig, for Clic’s sake. Lovely.

My journey to Swansea started on the Monday. The sky was grey, the train was blue, the Swans wore white. An early train lead the way to a first day of rain, mud and giveaways.

As emb789 stated in her EisteddBlog (very inventive title there, Clic), we visited the Swansea University’s science tent thing, which was called GwyddonLe (“place of Science” in Welsh, or similar). It was rather interesting, especially the liquid nitrogen section, even if the guy froze one of our wrist bands that we gave to him with love in our hearts. And guess what he did after that? He smashed it into pieces. In front of our eyes. Ah well, it was very interesting, even if we did lose a wrist band.

Not only that, a hash tag was born by Clic’s very own sub-editor on Twitter. The agenda behind the hash tag? To educate his followers in the Welsh lingo. Words such as “bws”, “bargen” and “pris”. Free e-cookies to all who can guess what they mean in English.

I returned to the Maes (“field” in Welsh) on the Friday, climbing on the silver steed otherwise known as RyanClic’s car. Like Rebecca Black, I was kicking in the back seat (though, she went in a convertible) with Stormer007 and, for the second time, DanClic. We arrived and walked around. While Stormer007 had an experience with an amazing horse (well, a police horse, but I had to add a meme into this post one way or another), the dear editor of Clic earned half his pay by becoming a one-man production line and creating packs to give away to the youth of the Eisteddfod.

Not only that, we had a train ride with some S4C characters such as Superted and Sam Tan. We also had sausage and chips for dinner and an endless supply of free bottled water. You’ve got to love the press tent, eh?

The whole thing repeated itself on the Saturday, though with one different person and different events throughout the day. Saturday was rather a Sprout day, with the two Sams coming with a Dan. I had the longest name, meaning I was the boss. Well, not really, I was attempting something called “a joke”. I know, I’m new to this phenomenon as-well…

Something new was simmering on the Saturday, and that was my ear as I didn’t smother it with enough sun tan lotion compared to the rest of my skin. Anyway, as the Saturday was the last day, we wanted to give as much Clic merchandise as possible. That looked rather hard, as when we arrived it was incredibly quiet, though it was rather lucky that it picked up somewhat during the day.

Talking about that, it seems that a few things can be taken from the time going around the Maes and giving stuff away to the public, and that is that everyone loves a pen, and a colourful pen and that. The other thing? That people seem to be very interested in Clic and its aim, which is lovely.

We had to do something funky for the last day, and somehow Stormer007 began to do some sort of “missions”. Some hardcore stuff, like making a badge. And making some slime thing (can’t recall the actual name, something like “glacial fluid” or something similar, forgive my forgetfulness). T’was rather interesting.

Indeed, the Eisteddfod seemed to go very well this year. Hopefully next year (where the Eisteddfod will be hosted by Caernarfon, according to Wikipedia anyway), Clic’ll offer this opportunity once more.

I thank ye, world.

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