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Dear World.

There’s been a lot of messed up stuff happening this week, hasn’t there?

I mean, Cher Lloyd’s song entered at number one in the charts? What is wrong with this planet?

No, I thought I’d begin this week’s symphony of text on a happy note, before I go on about the riots.

For those who don’t know what in England’s name happened recently in our neighbouring country’s cities, it started with police attempting to arrest Mark Duggan, a man suspected to plan a revenge attack following the fatal stabbing of his cousin. One thing lead to another, and somehow a police officer shot the twenty-nine year old in the chest, killing him on the fourth of August.

This lead to a march protesting against the shooting, which was held in Tottenham. More people joined the protest later that night, though were more aggressive than the original protesters, so much so that they carried weapons, to then violence commenced when a rumour that police had attacked a teenage girl surfaced.

In a couple of whiles, the riots spread to other cities, such as Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. Rioting and looting were commonplace on the news.

There were articles online after the events, one of which was an interview with s group of looters, to which they stated that it was a “shopping spree”.

It seems worthless that everything that I have written (well, technically typed…) to this point would be better placed in a news blog and not the mundane blabberings of a boy on the edge of twenty. That said, this is where I get on my soapbox. Enjoy.

To me, it didn’t make sense, like some of the panellists on the Young Voter’s Question Time. What would rioting actually achieve other than a one way ticket to Jailville (heh, sounds like an upcoming app for Facebook, that)? It will not, and has not, achieved nothing but grief for the majority of people, such as small businesses will be out of pocket in a major way.

Though, to me, the argument of what to do with those that participated in the riots when caught is a rather tricky thing. Some are calling for any benefits that they are currently getting to be taken away from them, which would only fuel the flames of hatred and cause another riot on the probable day of it happening.

I do, on the other hand, think that we should name those who took part in these recent happenings. And I don’t mean in the way of “these people stole stuff, now you know”, no. I mean as in name those responsible and state what their consequences are for their actions. Probably, it won’t help of change anything, but if the public knew what would happen to them if they’d join in these shenanigans.

But then again, we’d have some newspapers going on a rampage of how the country is going to the dogs. “These punishments are a joke”, one daily newspaper could claim, “another piece of evidence that Broken Britain truly exists”, a possible follow-up statement. Whatever the punishment that is dealt out to those who took part in the riots, they’ll never be strong enough to some people.

One thing that I find extremely insane is that somewhere on this vast internet of false hope and unreferenced information, it has been stated that some of the looters were poor, and taking what is rightfully theirs (which, apparently, is the modern day way of saying “I’m stealin’ this, bruv”).

It seems that these people are just blinded by Britain. They consider themselves poor just because they don’t see further than this island of four countries. I’ll be honest (and I know this will sound harsh to some), but I did laugh when some people (especially in the riots) claim to be poor while using a very well known smart phone to contact others to join in these activities. Have they seen the problems facing the other countries on this dying planet? Some people are starving and dying in some areas of Africa and you (as in the looters) complain that you’re poor? What?

Ahem. Before I turn into one of those “internet warriors” that just uses the internet to vent my idiotic musings to you all, may I end with one last thing? Well, it might be two things…

First off, can we stop calling the UK riots. They are not happening in Britain, they are happening in England. England does not equal the UK or Britain (chose whichever you like best there). There has (to my knowledge) no rioting in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, and even if some patriots want to say otherwise, these three countries are still a part of Britain. If there were riots in Scotland and Wales, then I’d have no arguments, but it’s just in England. Let’s just call it the English Riots, ya?

And lastly, a thank you. And that thank you goes to those who live in Wales (and the nations of Scotland and Northern Ireland respectively). Thank for respecting where you live, no matter how rubbish you think it is. Thank you for proving that those in Wales (and the other two nations) are somewhat wiser than those in England. Da iawn. I know some people will probably disagree with that, but it’s what I think.

I thank ye, world.

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