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Dear World.

Did you see the game last night? Of course you don’t, you have no eyes. Not only that, there was no game last night. Oh, what pranks I play with you.

Well today, my dear world, I am attempting something that nobody expected me to do. Talk about football. Yes, I’m going to gain some temporary alpha male points and talk about that game where a bunch of “athletes” wear the same colour shirt for ninety minutes against another bunch of people wearing a different colour shirt, while trying to kick a spherical object into the opposition’s lair. Yeah, I didn’t just go on Wikipedia and copy all that.

Though, my points of interest in the sport is not about the sport itself (well, not initially, anyway). If you did not know, Liverpool released a design for their third kit. I know, back in the day they only had enough for a home and an away kit. Sports these days, eh?

My point? It shall become clear, m’love. The thing with the proposed design? Well, it’s white. Well, I cannot lie to you, well not all the time anyway. It’s not all white, I’m afraid. There is some blue detail in there…

I know…

I mean, how dare they? Blue is the colour of Everton, isn’t it? And any Liverpool kit with even the slightest blue hue on the jersey is a disgrace of Anfield and everything it symbolises, and not to mention the…

Oh, give it a rest, will you?

It’s just a colour. And even when that’s said, Everton’s home kit is dark blue (it’s kind of the same colour as the shelves I have in my room), while Liverpool’s use of blue is of the cyan order. When I saw it, it did remind me of an old Manchester City away kit, but you’d have to be rather idiotic if you think it looks remotely Everton-like. And this is from a long time Chelsea supporter (as in before they won trophies, before I’m branded a glory hunter).

So, what is the reasoning behind the new third kit design? Well apparently, their first home kit was indeed white and blue halves. That was over a hundred years ago, so I can’t be totally sure of this fact. It was only in 1964 when then manager Bill Shankly changed the kit to the red hue that it is now.

Another reasoning behind the new kit it “takes its design inspiration from the classic tracksuit tops worn by the infamous LFC teams of the mid 1980’s, incorporating the diagonal stripe across the front of the shirt”, according to the company who are creating the shirts, Adidas.

This made me think back in the days of three years ago. The days when I was branded an “emo” due to the fact that I wore black all the time, even though the clothing in question was my school uniform, and I was called that during school hours. Oh, the idiocy that was held within itself.

Back in the day, I did Design and Technology for GSCE, with a rather idiotic move of studying Art at A Level. In both instances, I (kind of) remember that I had to give reasons for my designs or for what I’ve done. “Why did you do this?” the teacher questioned, looking to feed on the nonsense I was about to produce. “I don’t know”, the reply.

I mean, come on. Why must designers justify every thing they do to make it legit? Why must it be a “remembrance of the past” or something that’s more relevant to art stuff? Every time I did a design, and they asked that question, my honest answer would be “because I think it looks good”, or something similar. Granted, it would be in Welsh, due to me being in a Welsh school at that time, but hopefully you’ll get the just of what I’m on about.

Oh, my dear world. It seems that my attempted journey of talking like a proper lad has speared off towards the world of design. Why must my brain siphon my raw manliness and create some false confidence in the design world?

And for that matter, did this even make sense? The lack of comments would probably prove it. Lovely.

I thank ye, world.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    After the first few paragraphs I began to doubt if this was actually you!! But after the whole football part (which I must be honest, I skipped a large part of it because I just lost interest… because I have no interest in football) my suspicions were erradicated when you cleverly brought it to a related point that is more Distortion-esque. And I agree with you! (No surprises there). The things people focus on sometimes are superfluous and unnecesssary. Looking good is where it’s at… which is unfortunate for you and I =P

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