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Note – I am discussing God and religion here, though I’m not discussing any religion in particular (unless stated otherwise). I am not religious, so with this in mind, please don’t get offended by anything I say. Please keep an open mind while reading this, and hope you like the article.

Dear World.

I know that I’ve only walked the earth for a mere nineteen years, but there is one subject matter that confuses me.



Well, God and religion.

One thing I really do not understand is this. Imagine if I died right now, and if this religion thing really is true, I ended up at the gates of heaven with two other people. The first person, possibly named Sue, is a religious woman, and has been since birth. The second, who could be called Trevor, is a rapist and a murderer.

Three of us are there, looking at the gates of heaven, and we hear a voice saying, for some reason in the style of the game show ‘The Price Is Right’ “one of you will go straight to hell, the rest will go straight to heaven and enjoy eternal life with your maker”.

As the three of us got to knew each other, the general consensus was that Trevor would be most likely to go to hell, with the fact that he has raped and murdered.

But, what’s this?

My name has been called?


What have I done?

The booming voice returns “You, Gareth, did not believe in a God. And for that, you are condemned to live out eternity in the flames of hell.”

I don’t know about you, but if I was dead, and that’s what happened, I’d be rather annoyed. I haven’t done anything wrong. So why am I going to hell? Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it?

Is it?

Well, all three of us knew Sue would get in. Though none of us knew that Trevor repented for his sins roughly a year before he died, and he got into heaven. While all I have done is lived a crime-less life, and I’m still sent to live out eternity in hell, all because I found it difficult to believe in any sort of religion.

I don’t know about you, dear world, but in what sane planet will let a rapist and a murderer get into heaven just because he said “I’m sorry”? I always thought that the good are supposed to be rewarded, while the bad are punished. I may be naive now, but I can’t see how not having faith in a God is a worse crime than rape, pedophilia and murder. Yet, if a pedophile (for example) decides to say “Forgive me, my lord, for I have sinned”, that person has certain pathway to heaven? Wh where’s the sanity in that?

I can’t see myself ever being religious, though I can’t be sure. When I started secondary school, I never had any interest in art and music. Now I’m studying Creative Technologies, design countless stuff and create my own music (though it’s just the music, I can’t write lyrics at all). No reason why I told you that, other than it shows that people change, even if the example I gave is a rather rubbish example.

Anyway, on the lines on religion, I cannot see my future self being religious. Its just that when I read or learn anything about religion, I find it makes no sense.

One of the example is that during weddings, it is (if I remember correctly) said that women are given to the husbands. I thought marriage was supposed to be a unison of two people (straight or gay) who are in love to live their love in happiness with each other, not for a man to own his wife (I’m not sure how that would work in a gay marriage, but it might be the same thing).

Another thing that gets me confused. God is supposed to be this ‘perfect entity, isn’t he/she? Someone who can do no wrong? So, why do people fear God?

Yes, he made humans (I don’t believe this, I’m just using what religion believes to argue my side). And when humans make things, we want to be in command (for instance, in command of robots and digital technology). We have even been command of our own race (i.e. slavery). So if this is wrong, to be in command, to bully other beings to do our bidding… would God do the same, as he ‘made’ the human race?

Another thing. One of the ten commandments for the Christian faith is, I believe, about not idolising statues of God (correct me if I’m wrong). But, as humans were supposed to be made with God’s image or something like that, doesn’t that mean any statue that is made is in turn both idolising the image of the subject of the statue and also God him/herself?

I know, world. I think way too much. I’d rather think too much than not think at all. I hope this hasn’t offended anyone, I’m just a nineteen year old who is confused about religion. Fancy helping out?

I thank ye, world.

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    Well done Gareth, I really enjoyed your article. Very creative.

  2. WICIDeditor says:

    Excellent thought provoking article as usual CrazyDistortion

  3. CrazyDistortion says:

    Thanks dudes. =].

    Any chance of someone putting links to my other Dear World articles atthe end of this one? Hehe.

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