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Yn Gymraeg

Note – There is some swearing in this. I cannot shy away from using such language. To those who are offended, please don’t be. I thank ye in advance.

Dear World,

I am all for social networking. I have Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Foursquare and Formspring.

The latter, which is a website that allows people to ask you questions, has sparked the need for me to write this to you. 

A little side note before I continue, I would like to state that I only have MySpace so then I can use it when I think Facebook is too mainstream. I also use Foursquare ironically, as I hardly go out. Forever alone.

Forgive me, I’m babbling on

Recently, I’ve begun to receive an escalated amount of questions (just under a thousand questions in a matter of days is rather a lot of questions), most of them are from people telling me that they admired me and wanting more information of the workings of Wicid.

Though, in the past few hours, I have had someone ask me the question – “Why are you a tw*t?”

It made me think, “why am I what that person said I was? Did I do something to this person, behave in a wrong manner to them?” Then I thought, “why did the person think I am a tw*t?”

I questioned said person in return, inquiring why they believed I am a forest clearing (well, that is what one meaning Wikipedia suggests it is). That person did not budge, only adding that we met once, before stating that I “write like Shakespeare” for some reason, returning two more insults to me – w**ker and gay.

Now, it also occurred that this person has only met me once, so I find it rather bizarre that someone could form an opinion of hatred for me through only meeting me the once.

The other thing I rather don’t understand is how the word gay is used as an insult.

I will be honest, when I was in secondary school, I was verbally bullied of sorts, with nearly every day at least one person calling me gay, with me defending myself the best I could by just saying “I’m not gay”.

It has been over three years now since I’ve last been called gay until today. I did not take it as an insult to myself like I did when I was younger. All it really made me do is wonder why gay is now used as an insult. Well, that and the fact that the youth these days cannot think of interesting and humorous insults that the likes of today’s comedians use.

I will be completely honest, I really don’t understand why people use gay as an insult. I thought that gay meant happiness, being carefree. Only recently (well, in the last few centuries) has the word been linked to homosexuality. So, how is being called gay an insult, exactly?

Thing is, to me, insults have become less intelligent and extremely lazy. Gone are the clever and interesting insults that make the person who was receiving the insult both offended and bamboozled by the content of the insult. No, our ears are surrounded with lazy insults such as “gay”, “w**ker” and “pr**k” flying around the airwaves and into out ears.

That said, I do not believe that every one should begin to insult everyone in the world. I think that, if you can, everyone should be nice to one another. Though, I do understand that sometimes some people snap and use language as a weapon.

All I ask, Dear World, is that you do not fall to the empire of laziness and end by releasing a “tw*t” from your mouth. Think of your choice of words, use your linguistic abilities to confuse your target instead of being a downright meanie head. 

I thank ye, World.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hasn’t this one been out before? It seems incredibly familiar!
    Besides that though, I agree with you completely. Some people need more creativity when insulting people… or just not insult people.

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