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Yn Gymraeg

Dear World.

I have realised a fewthings as I lived my life.

The first thing is thatFirefox has a spell checker and I believe it’s set to US English, andnot Welsh English….

Damn you, you hound of flames…

Also,I’ve started to have a sort of a don’t speak unless spoken toidea on life. Y’know, it’s like, I have nothing interesting to talkabout (and you would agree if you have read my blog, there’s nothinginteresting there… just bizarre…), so why talk? Why burden otherpeople with useless information that is, well, useless? Saying that,it doesn’t mean that I won’t talk back if you start talking to me,it’s just that I’m not the best conversationalist.

I can’t think of a timewhere I started a conversation with a comment. It has next to alwaysbeen a question. Ask either the editor of Clic or Wicid, they’dprobably agree. Nearly every email I have sent them, I have asked aquestion. The only other times when I start a conversation is when Itell someone about something, like ‘I have that thing you asked for’,or ‘someone’s looking for you’ or something informative like that.

I cannot remember startinga conversation with something like “oh, Chelsea was terrible lastnight” or “man, I’m really craving a McDonald’s”. It makes nosense to me to start a conversation like that. Adding to the factthat I do not go out much, that I don’t watch a load of films and thelike, I haven’t got much to talk to. Granted, if you asked me aboutPhotoshop or how to execute a legspin delivery in cricket, then I canhelp you. But I am rather rubbish with ‘normal’ conversations.

And, to be fair, thatideal has gone through to Life 2.0, or for the people who didn’t getthat, online life. It sounds rather pathetic, but I try to keepmyself to myself on Facebook and all that. I delete anything on mywall that I don’t like, or that says that I’ve done something. I’vegone as far as to delete some groups that I became a fan of becauseI’ve saw no point in them. I mean, just because you sing out aloud tosongs, doesn’t mean joining a group with everyone else that does thismakes you superior to everyone who doesn’t do it. Or whatever thereason of joining the group is. If it’s a way to meet new people,it’s not the best way. I’ve just realized I’m having a rant onsomething pretty pointless.

That said, I do have aTwitter account. At the point of writing this dear letter to you,world, I have made 2,402 tweets. I have shared nearly two and a halfthousand thoughts with the web. But for some reason, I hardly everupdate my Facebook status. I have no idea why though. Well, that is acomplete lie, I know exactly why. I could never lie to you.

The reason why I don’tchange my status on Facebook is that I know all the people that I amfriends with on Facebook. And the people I am friends with onFacebook, it seems theres some sort of contract there when I approvea friend request (or a friend accepts me). I’m not just acceptingtheir friendship, I’m doing more than that. I’m signing a virtualcontract, that binds me to know what is happening in your world, andvice versa. With Twitter, you can choose to follow whoever you like,and they might not follow back. Yes, I am following some of myfriends on Twitter and they follow me (for some unexplainablereason), but its a choice. If I decide I don’t want to follow you, Ican stop. If I don’t want to be your friend on Facebook, there’s moreof a chance that the person I’ve unfriended will be annoyed than ifI stopped following them on Twitter. It is harder to find out aperson who’s stopped following you on Twitter than it is to find apast friend on Facebook. And for some reason, I like that fact.

Forsome reasons or other, there have been mini arguments – marguments,if you will around in the past (and no, come to think of it). Idon’t know what about, neither do I care. But I tell you one thing,if everyone learned to shut up (or, at least thought about what theysaid before they said the think), the world would be a better place.Or at least a quieter one. But no, we live in a civilization wherefree speech entitles people to not think about what they are about tosay.

Sometimes, I think itwould’ve been better if humanity didn’t progress so quick. Yeah, Iknow that it’s been millions of years of progress, but it’s becauseof this is where we at today. I mean, this age is the age wherethere’s no real fight for survival, no day-by-day life threateningproblems (unless you’re one of these people that believe a bad hairday is a reasonable reason for committing suicide… and if you are,you need help). The only thing people (well, the majority of people,as it seems to me) worry about is getting high, urinated (or drunk)and getting laid.


Where as, if we were in the same era as theStone Agers, there’d be a reason to fight, reason to fear. Though, ifyou think balloons and clowns are reasons to fear, it’s not the sameas having the fear that your family could die from an unknown virusor just killed in their sleep.


I’d be deadyears ago if we lived in that lifestyle, and yet, you wouldn’t bereading this. But it’s like the further the human race progresses,the need to be aware lessens. If that makes sense.

I don’tknow about you, but I can’t remember the last time where I went intothe wilderness, and returned with a mammoth for food. We don’t needto now. The biggest animals we kill for food is probably the cow. Imay be wrong with that fact, but I mean, we have no need to gohunting dangerous animals for food. And what do we do to fill thegap? We kill our own species in wars for greed. What has humanitycome to?

I thank ye,world.

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