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Yn Gymraeg

Dear World

Do you like music? I do. I think it’s a great source of entertainment for the ears. Though, not as much for the eyes though.

No, I’m not trying to be funny here. I thought that was a sensible comment when it arose in my head. Not I’ll have to explain myself in more detail.

Sex. Music’s full of it. Either in music videos or in the actual songs. And personally, I don’t see the point.

Well, obviously, there is a point to it – money.

Sex sells. Just look at R&B, it’s filled with a lot of women dancing around rather bland men as they sing about how much money they’ve earned by disposing all of their enemies from the vicinity and collecting wages from drug deals. Well, that’s the “web and Daily Mail friendly” version anyway.

Granted, not all R&B songs are like that. though the majority are. Well, from my point of view, it is. I also find it hard to believe that modern day R&B is derived from the days of proper rhythm and blues, where “urbane, rocking, jazz based basic with a heavy, insistent beat was becoming more popular”, according to the website that is well known as being called Wikipedia.

What was I going on about? Oh yes, sex in music videos. This is one reason why I rather despise groups like JLS, where they use their bodies to sell their (let’s be honest, for a divine moment here) rather boring music.

Though I know that there is a great amount of sex being used in rock music also, like the song Go That Far by Bret Michaels. There have been two music videos for that song, one with the band performing in front of a white background and one with shots of half naked women dancing around while male “rockers” watch them. Now, as I am a male, you may be likely to assume that I would prefer the video with the lady humans dancing with their lady boobs half out, but that would be sexist of you. As a matter of fact, I don’t, I much prefer the band-only video, even if the singer looks like he’s been in the odd sun bed.

Allow me to tell you from the outset, I’m not the biggest Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus fan. Why? Well, to me, they have no groove. Their songs are just typical in the sense that there’s nothing new, they use the same formulae to earn money. While others will just say that the songs are the results of an animal’s digestive cycle, or the four letter swear word that says it easier, but might have been edited out. Ah well.

That’s what gets me, really. I don’t understand why people say that they dislike a band or group because they are, to put it lightly, rubbish. Why are they rubbish? Is it because their songs sound too similar to each other? Is it because that the group in question does not match up with your taste? No, it’s because they are crap, to put it slightly more bluntly but less obvious than if I said shit.

Like I said, I don’t like Justin Bieber’s music. He may be a talented person and an all-round nice guy, but I find it rather odd that someone who can play multiple instruments ends up in a music genre that is well known for auto-tuning and electronically-driven music. I also have no liking for his genre, and I doubt that I ever will.

But one thing that rather annoys me is when someone says “I don’t like that band, they’re too mainstream.” This occurred recently when I asked someone if they liked Muse, which they told me that they liked Muse’s old work, but their new album’s too mainstream.

That is a rather odd comment to state, I thought to myself. You shouldn’t dislike a band or group because they are popular, you should dislike them because of something else. Unless they said that Muse was too mainstream for them just too look deep and mysterious – and if so, they need help. Or is that too mainstream for them too?

I’m not too fussed of the genre of music. As long as it has some sort of groove, then it’s my type of music. That’s one reason why I like bands such as Skindred (who are in the video above), Muse, Rise Against and Pearl Jam. And another reason why I have no Westlife or Jedward on my iPod. Happy days, eh world?

I thank ye, world. 

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