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Dear World.

I’m not sure if you know, remember or care, but on the fifth of may there was an election of sorts. There was a local election to determine who’d represent us, or something like that. There was also a referendum on whether or not to adopt the Alternative Vote system. Now we know that Labour had the most seats in Wales, the SNP have control over Scotland and the Liberal Democrats have done worse than Arsenal did against Stoke City this weekend. And people say I don’t know about football

Anyway, I’m not going to rant on about how the Conservatives should have won the seat for Pontypridd, neither am I going to praise the No to AV campaign for doing such a loving campaign. No, I’m just going to say something that I’m sure – well, hope – that a small cluster of student humanoids feel the same way as I do.

I have no idea about politics.

You may think, my dear world, that this is stated in ignorance. It may be. I might get the reply “why don’t you take your time to read about the parties, read their manifestos and all that jazz?”. I don’t know many people who say “all that jazz”, such is life.

My reply to all that (apart from the “all that jazz” rambling) is, I have. I’ve visited each political parties website, read some of their Wikipedia page and all that shebang, but I just can’t differentiate from each of them. Well, not totally, I somewhat understand the difference between the Conservatives and Labour, but that’s it. It seems to me that I’m living my life like a candle in the wind, only well in the dark. If that makes sense to you, world, well done. Anyway, let’s crack on.

There was an article I read recently. On Wicid, so it seems. It was about this voting malarkey and the user’s belief of someone can’t complain if they did not vote.

I’d like to think that I’m not one of them, one of those who complain about the state of the country without having my say about who should run the land or area or wherever the politicians do their thang. But I am at least half of one. I, for my life thus far, have never voted.

Well, that is, theoretically, wrong. There was some sort of fake election in my school. I voted Liberal Democrat for that one. Can’t remember why now, maybe because it had the best name, maybe I was swayed by the colour, maybe I was born with it. Who knows.

Anyway, my decision of not voting is two fold, then I bin the voting slip. Ha, I’m such a joker. No, but really, there’s two reasons why I haven’t done a good, proper vote.

The first one is, I don’t want to guess. That may sound idiotic to you, but what I mean by that is that I don’t want to treat my vote the same as how I would treat a lottery ticket. I don’t want to pick willy nilly, with no thought or feeling. I don’t fully understand the political world, and I don’t think it’ll be right of me to vote until I do understand at least some of it.

That kind of links to the second of the folds that I mentioned previously. What’s that, I hear you cry with a hint of sarcasm and sadness? Well, allow me to tell you. I don’t feel old enough. I’m nineteen, and as such old enough to vote and drive, among other things. And like driving, I don’t feel that I’m mature enough to do so. I don’t trust myself with either. Does that make sense? I hope so. If not, well may a flock of uncertain seagulls hinder my progress on Portal 2.

I have this need to explain everything I do, have done and will have done. I hope with this, dear world, that I can clarify that I’m not one of these lazy human people who just doesn’t vote due to lack of knowledge of the subject in hand. I’d love to vote, I would. I’m just not as advanced as many my age when politics is concerned.

I thank ye, world.

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    As per usual, awesome article dude!! It’s odd how many areas I agree with you on. Again, great article!

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