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Dear World.

Before I begin, I want to share an observation with you.

Last Saturday, I gazed upon my screen, and I needed to check the time, and I noticed the date.

And it reminded me of something: The day I started my journey on the Clic road.

Yes, I’ve been part of the project for three years. Huzzah and all that shebang.

So, to celebrate, I’m just going to ramble aimlessly about the word “no”. How riveting. So, shall we?

Now, one main thing that the community that is known as “humans” when it comes to interaction is the whole question and answer thing.

You know the thing. Man asks woman for something, woman smacks man in the face because he’s a male and everything is blamed on those who possess a penis in their trousers. Ah, there’s nothing like light hearted sexism, isn’t there?

No nothing like that. Just the general conversations where people ask people questions. Questions like “do you like Doctor Who?”, “can you make me a cup of tea?” and “will anyone still be reading this after I wrote penis here?”

I’m sure that the answer to the last question is “yes, and many people may snigger because they are immature, and there’s nothing wrong with that”, but the other questions are examples of queries that I have thought too much about. Way too much.

Take for example, the question about tea. If person A asks person B to make them a cup of tea, yet person B doesn’t want to do so, person B has two options. Those options are (i) to move off his backside and make a black coffee with two sugars, or (ii) to deny person A’s request. And if it’s the second option that person B takes, there’s a good chance that person A will just go on a mad one on person B. Maybe.

And this is something that I experience a few times. Not with tea, mind. And not intentionally.

Usually, it’s boils down to resources that I have available. For instance, if someone asks me to do something for them yet I am busy with university work, more often than not, I’m made to feel bad about it.

I don’t know about you, my rather spherical world, but that makes no sense to me.

I’m not sure that your pressing need for a cup of tea is more important than my education, then that’s a rather odd view of life that you have. And by the way, that’s to nobody in particular.

I know it seems that I’ve written over four hundred words and have yet to bring up a point. So here it is.

It seems rather odd that if we agree to do something, we have no reason to express why we agree to do said thing. Yet, if we decide not to do something that someone has asked us to do, we have to have a list of reasons or excuses as to why we can’t do the thing someone has asked us to do.

Some things can’t be changed, meaning that we can’t do the thing someone asked us about, for instance me not being able to go to a meeting because I had an assignment due and I needed to do a lot for it. But why isn’t it socially acceptable to just say no without being questioned nor made to feel guilty for doing so?

I thank ye, world.

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  1. WICIDeditor says:

    Great article Mr D. I love that yes/no t-shirt.

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