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Dear World.

Did you hear? Apparently, you ended last Saturday (that was May the twenty first, for the fact fans at home).

Well, not really. Apparently, the Rapture began with an earthquake in all of the timezones at six in the night. After that, the good and the faithful (or people that the big man thinks of that way) were taken to a better place. And no, that’s not Cardiff.

But, as there were no news articles that I read today about people flying into the air or over two hundred million people going missing unexpectedly, I guess this means that it has not happened. Either that, or we are all sinners and we were all left behind.

Bu then again, why would it have been? Harold Camping, the guy who predicted this Judgement Day thing, has been wrong before. In ’94, so it goes. And guess what, he was wrong then.

Or was he?

Yeah, it’s pretty clear to everyone reading this that none of these predictions are true.

Which leads me to question something, what was that thought in Camping’s, “I know, I’ll search for some things in the Bible, do some complex calculations to come up with a date, then preach about it”?

Is it because he loves his fellow man so much, he’d like to tell us about the End of Days so that we could then prepare for it? I don’t think so. If it is that the followers of Christianity will be gathered together to meet Jesus Christ, then surely it would be better for them to be surprised when it happens and not disappointed, right? Or does that show my personality out more? Ah well.

This is actually leading to my next question, why do some people want to know the day of the Rapture, or even the end of the world? Why do some people seem to revel in the search for the destruction of the world? I would hate it if I knew when, especially if it was within my lifetime.

And besides, isn’t there a passage in the Bible that says “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only”. Well, there is. I know that because I saw it on a forum I read before. Apparently, that’s from Matthew 24:36 in the Revised Standard Version of the Bible. And yes, I will have to take Wikipedia’s word for it, as I have no idea if that is true or not since I am still yet to read the Bible, but according to Stephen Fry, “It’s hilarious”, so I may do (and before anyone thinks I’m making fun of the Bible, that was a quote from Fry himself on one of the episodes of Qi).

And another question is born, and I’d like to apologise to the readers for the amount of questions I am throwing.

What is that question? Well, not that, The actual question is, do people like Camping actually think of the consequences of their actions? Do they even contemplate what hysteria they could create by preaching these “calculated” predictions?

I grant you, dear world, many people these days are level headed. Not a single person on my Twitter feed thought that Camping was correct, even making up jokes like there was no tomorrow (ha). But, there are a few people in this technological age who fear God and religion. I’ve heard stories of some people committing suicide before one prediction, while a suicide helpline has been set up for those who were disappointed by this recent failed Rapture prediction. There could be some youngsters who could have overheard someone talk about the prediction and could have been a nervous wreck on the day. Either that, or I’m just thinking of the worst situations that could have arisen during this failed prediction.

I don’t know, world. Why can’t people just enjoy life? Enjoy the short time we have on this rock and fill it up with happiness?

I thank ye, world.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That as may be, but what we’re all forgetting here is: anyone who believes anything Harold Camping says is an idiot. (I’d use stronger language to convey my deep loathing for this man, but it wouldn’t make the cut.) He’s either straight out lying or mentally ill!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, got carried away. Meant to tell you what another great job you did! Again, a truly awesome article! =)

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