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Dear World.

Unlike many people, I don’t do much in the summertime. I don’t usually go and rave my pretty little head off in the sense that the young folk these days seem to do. I don’t dress up in my best clothes, head into town and just “hang”. For one thing, I haven’t got any clothes. Well, that’s a lie, actually. Forgive me.

I haven’t done much “going out” stuff during the summer for a long time. Why? I think I just fell into the habit of things. Thank you, school.

Eh? School? Oh, I assume that is what you are thinking now. Then again, I’m not good at assumptions.

Yes. I did indeed go to school. I had a school tie and everything. Two of them, as a matter of fact. I was a spoilt child, it seemed. Well no, one of them used to be my sister’s tie, but it was a manly kind of tie. Yeah, I’m in touch with my feminine side.

Anyway, I just didn’t think there was anything really to do. For about nine months of the year, I would bathe myself in the world of education, only to be born to a summer of procrastination.

For the September of any given year, I would begin my venture of a new school year. For a mere six hours of any given weekday (apart from Christmas and Easter holidays and the like), I’d have my day laid out for me, like a cooking recipe. In the morning, I might have started with Geography with a hint of Welsh, after that I could have had French and Chemistry to fill in the void between break and lunch. After that, a joyous romp in the land of Mathematics and boo-ya, end of the line. That was not intentional…

And after a ten minute bus ride home on a double decker that was as safe as a knife in a gun fight, I was home. Home to do what I please. And what did I please? That’s right, I wanted to go back to school.

It seemed that I was one of the only ones who liked school. And I mean, actually like it. Not only for the structure it gave me for the day (which was one of the main reasons why I liked school so much), but for the fact that I learned something new (nearly) everyday. Granted, I had a Geography teacher in year eight who just rambled on about his children and their antics, but then again, I still had a decent mark at the end of the year. Lovely.

Following on the last point. I would personally say that I rather like the joys of education. I rather like learning. I find it fun and interesting. But since I left school (well, since I finished my GCSEs, in all honesty), it’s like I haven’t learned as much as I did. And that kind of freaks me out.

Granted, I’m not on the edge of the seat everyday, rocking myself and repeatedly whispering “I must learn, I must aquire knowledge” to myself every day. Maybe every other weekend. I’ve just not learned as much things as I did in my school years.

And that’s one thing that scares me about adulthood. I would probably guess that I am less likely to learn something in my later years than what I’ve learned in my school years. If anyone would like to correct me on that, feel free. I mean, it has been roughly three months since I’ve finished university for this year. What have I learned in that time period? That’s right, how to beat bosses more productively in Final Fantasy XIII. How is that going to help me in my life?

Maybe I just need to find a way to keep information pumped to me until I leave this world. I’m already following the Qi Elves on Twitter, do you have any other thoughts?

I thank ye, world.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Summers are only as productive as you make them. Read a book, look stuff up on the internet, take summer classes. For example, today I learned that the scientific name for a sneeze is a sternutation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I watched a TV series once called School Days. It was disgusting. It started off all cute and happy, then ended with one of the cute and happy characters going crazy and killing a bunch of people. Don’t watch it.

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