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Dear World.

It’s rather odd. I’m here, sitting by my computer, thinking about how I actually started my journey on the road of technology.

It was the dawn of the new millennium. Christmas. My sister had a Steps CD, I had something that I can’t remember.

But one thing that stuck in my mind was the first ever computer my family had. It wasn’t fast, wasn’t top-of-the-range, but it’ll do. We didn’t have the internet, neither did we have Sims, but we were simple people back then, so we didn’t complain.

During those days, it felt special. Not me being able to go on Encarta any time I wanted or whatnot, but to know that you have taken a step on the ever growing ladder of technology.

Even now, ten years on, I still feel that computer technologies just began. I mean, in just a short ten years, we’ve gone from computers that took three hours to search for the theory of relativity on Encarta to mobiles that take seconds to find albums full of lolcats.

And something just hit me as I surfed the internet, looking at articles on the BBC.

I’m getting old.

Me? Old? I’m twenty. How can I say that?

Well, it’s easy.

In England, they are considering to forget the ICT courses that teach youngsters of today how to use Word and programs like that and in its place will teach a computer science class where instead of learning how to use programs, they’ll learn how to make them.

No idea why, but that hit me. It hit me like a mass of AOL demo disks falling from my shelves. I’m getting old. At least, in the technological sense.

I’m currently studying a course that will (hopefully) turn me into a demon of design, a connoisseur of coding. It seems rather odd, but mainly freaky, that an 11-year-old will soon be learning how to do the same things that I do, but for free.

But, I can’t really be shocked. That’s what technology is. Even humanity’s the same. In my A levels, I was probably learning stuff that would only be available for university students of yesteryear.

The human race is still evolving. And for a second, I thought I was left in history.

Now, it’s not like I’m the only person to feel that at one point during their lives, thinking that no matter what you can do, someone younger, more talented and more handsome can do it better and faster. Yikes.

But, it can’t be helped. It’s bound to happen. In a few more years, everything that I learned in A levels will be included in GSCE and everything I learned in the fabled SATS exams will soon be things taught to those in primary schools. And when that happens, I’ll be ten years older, nursing a debt bigger than my CV. But that’s nothing to dwell on. We can’t change that fact.

Ah well. At least if this thing happens where schools decide to get rid of Word lessons and change them with coding lessons, it will give the next generation another string to their bow early on in their lives.

I thank ye, world.


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