Deliah and The Temlock Hunters Continued

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Chapter three.

I could vaguely hear Lucas murmur a few words, what was he saying? Satin sheets were soon entangled with my body. My head felt like it was going to fall to the ground. My face became numb, and soon I couldn’t tell my fingers from my toes.
I woke up to find Lucas in my black leather tub chair from my living room. He leaned in to the back rest, his eyes were closed and it looked as if he were sleeping.
I pushed the satin sheets down and climbed out of bed. I was still wearing my black combat trousers and black turtle neck shirt that had been cut off at the waist, and my black leather boots were on the floor in front of me.
I could remember having this issue as a kid. If ever there was too much pressure, my different instincts would argue with each other about what was best. My head would get so messed up it just shut itself down for a little while.
I looked around my room. Nothing was out of the ordinary. In front of my bed were double glass doors that opened out on to a piece of decking. Just to the right of Lucas I could see the bathroom door where I kept my night time things. I considered sneaking past Lucas, but he had the hearing of a vampire. If I get within three feet of him he will wake up instantly.
If anyone else had fallen asleep in my house, I would have woken him up and would have thrown them out, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it for some unknown reason.
The walls were made of concrete and were painted black. The walls were covered with my drawings, the black paint only being seen every now and then beneath the white paper. I had drawn everything. A vampire covered in blood, Humans in love, Werewolves in their wolf form, happily in a pack in a forest. A white witch in all her glory looking like an angel. A dark witch and all there darkest powers swirling around the air. I had even drawn one picture in particular that was a memory of mine that I could never quite place in my mind.
Instead of sneaking past Lucas, I decided to go outside on to the decking. Padding across the wooden floor and silently opening up the transparent doors I walked on to the decking. I looked up at the sky and I could see all the stars out. No moon was in the sky, just the stars. Twinkling away like a flame.
I had remembered all of the constellations standing out here when I was ten. Each one was never new to me.
“How are you feeling?” Lucas startled me. I never heard him come up behind me. His lips were so close to my ear that I could feel the warmth of his breath.
“Sorry if I woke you up. I’m all okay. You can go back to your room now if you want.” I surprised myself by saying that he could go if he wanted to. What I meant was, is that he can leave now, didn’t I? I should have been pushing him away, but my body wouldn’t obey with my mind. It was being controlled by something beating in my chest. Something I thought didn’t truly work anymore.
He picked up on the words straight away. “If I want?” He whispered against my neck. His breath was warm and it sent little electrical impulses all the way through my body.
I turned around, his face was so close to my own. If I blinked my eye lashes would tickle his chin. I could feel his lips brush against the skin of my forehead.
“Yes.” I gulped down a load of air, it was cold and bitter, but I liked it. My heart was beating so fast, my body wanted him closer. I tried to resist it but I couldn’t.
He seemed to collect himself back to his cool demeanour. I let out a breath that I wasn’t even aware I was holding in until then.
He moved by side and looked up at the stars. I turned back around and rested on the wooden railing once again. “You know these stars?” He asked me. I nodded. I felt like I had lost my ability to speak. “I know nothing about the stars.” He admitted.
I seemed to relax, “I don’t know each ones name. Just where they are. I can never get lost with the stars out.” My voice seemed to take on a dramatic tone. I could vaguely remember my father doing that often.
Lucas must have sensed what I was thinking about. “What happened to them? Your parents I mean. What happened?”
I didn’t fancy sharing my story with anyone, but with Lucas, it just seemed to feel right to tell him. “What happened to yours?” I retorted.
Lucas chuckled as if he expected it. “I lived in a very small village when I was young. My parents moved to Salamanca in Spain. I made it to the age of ten on the run with them. That was before people caught up with us and killed them in front of my eyes.” I could see his jaw tense and even though I could feel the sadness and anger rolling off of him in waves of energy, I still couldn’t stop noticing how handsome he looked. He really belonged to the night. His hair turned a blue-black with the navy blue sky.
He had opened up to me. The least I could do was return the favour. “I also lived in a small village. Though we never moved and we were never on the run. My parents found running cowardly.” I hastily I added. “No offence.”
“None taken.” He said with a smile.
“Well, when I was five years old, they walked in to my house, killed them in front of me. They made sure I could hear their screams. Now they wish they had never heard my scream. I watched and I cried and an outburst of power came from me. I set the house on fire. My parents’ bodies were inside. But the one that actually did the killing got away.”
It was like flashing back in time. On my living room floor lay may parents bodies covered in blood from stab wounds. I was sitting on the sofa tied up. My eyes were puffed up from crying, and my cheeks were red with hot fury. I screamed and screamed, and I felt a surge of power flowing out through my voice. It was neither dark nor light, but something different entirely. I was only five years old, and I killed four people that night, and burned my parent’s bodies to ash with my cries.
“Seems like we both want revenge.” Lucas muttered. “You should uh,” he cleared his throat, “you should go back to sleep.”
As he said the words I yawned exhausted. I had worked my muscles and I could feel they were beginning to ache. “I think I’ll do that.” I reached the double glass doors and turned around. “Oh and Lucas?” He turned to face me. “You’re not a bad guy, yah know? Goodnight.” I smiled and turned to go to bed. Why did I say that to him? I shouldn’t have.

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