Deliah and The Temlock Hunters Continued

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Chapter Two.

Standing outside with Carl, I felt Lucas approach before I saw him. I put on a smile and turned around on my heels. “Well, well, well, even with my magic shield you still found me.”
Carl and I were deep in to the forest. Trees and shrubs were everywhere, in every direction. Leaves were stricken in a mass of colour along the earth beneath my feet. “Wasn’t difficult.” He drawled.
I chuckled and looked at Carl for support; he shrugged his shoulders, trying not to laugh. Carl had a big build, though not so that he looked fat. He definitely packed more muscle than Lucas did. Lucas’s shoulders were lean and broad and he also had some muscle on his triceps and biceps, though it was nothing compared to Carl.
With Carl’s blond hair and golden brown skin, you would think he was from some place rich in America, or more than likely that he was a surfer kind of guy. Carl was neither of these things. But he loved to train outside, so much that the sun turn his natural hair colour almost white, and his skin turn ten times more golden than it should have been.
“Well, it took you twenty minutes. You clearly had some struggle.” I retorted.
“I will wipe that smirk off of your face in a minute.” The threat was aimed at Carl, not me. He took several steps towards him. I noticed Carl’s muscles stiffen with the closing distance. “Better yet, let’s see how good I am at wiping the floor with your entire pathetic body instead.” A sickening hiss came from him. I didn’t need to see his face to know he had fangs and red luminous eyes. Carl even looked a little bit scared.
More of Carl’s kind appeared. All of whom I had control over. They came out of the shadows of the tree’s. They had been training nearby like always, and had heard and smelt the violence. Carl and the friends that surrounded us, were in fact werewolves.
I was their Alpha. “Enough!” I shouted. The wolves looked at me, and I stared each of them down. They knew they could not disobey me. They all nodded and retreated. Even Lucas appeared to be struggling not to listen to me. “I said enough.” I put in more gently. “You want a fight Mr.Valentin, I suggest you start with me.” I pointed at myself to make sure I was clear about who he should fight. I wanted him away from Carl, away from endangering the Vilasa Academy Pack.
Within seconds Lucas had me by the throat. He moved faster than I thought he would be able to for a hybrid. “You are someone I would never dare fight. Not now, not ever.” I couldn’t breathe and my lungs burned for the air of midday. He let me drop to the ground without warning. I stood on my feet, anger flaring through me.
“First thing you need to know about me, and how things around here work.” He raised his chin slightly, as a gesture for me to continue, so I continued. He may have had a serious height advantage over me, him being around six foot and me being around five, but I kicked my leg up high and into his face. He didn’t see the blow coming. “No one attacks the Alpha. Not a werewolf, not a white witch, not a dark witch, not a vampire, and certainly, not a newbie hybrid.” My teeth were clenched and I had to focus to stop grinding them until they would fall out.
He bowed his head in understanding. I could still see the other werewolves quietly surrounding the place in case things got ugly. They would protect their people. Their friends. Their pack members. They would do it out of loyalty as humans would do it out of care and respect. “If you are not going to train and practice then at least come out of the shadows.” I shouted to them. “As for you, we shall train. I will have to get my things. We will train outside, in a clearing I know. Carl show him.” I commanded. “I won’t be long.”
I jogged to what was supposed to be a clearing, but in to what could have been a steel cage wrestling match. The boys were fighting this time, there were no threats, just an angry Carl and what seemed to be a really ticked off Lucas. Carl was going in for a good old punch to the ribs, arching his arm back going in for the blow when I startled him. “Carl, back off.” At the sound of my voice, Carl did as he was told. No one could resist their Alpha. No werewolf could. It has been known, but then they are on their own. If they then cross in to foreign territory, they will be slaughtered by the local pack. No longer under the security of what they once had. “Carl, leave us.” I commanded a little too harshly. “We will talk soon. Alphas honour.” I smiled at him. He nodded, trying to hide his own smile. He did a good job of it if his eyes didn’t betray him.
“What is with the flowers?” Lucas surprised me by speaking so friendly. In truth, there were flowers all around the woods near the cottage. Especially perfect bright rouge ones.
“I plant them. I like red carnations.” I said simply, shrugging it off as if it was nothing.
I had gotten hold of my favourite dagger and sword from my place. Also I have a 9mm berretta tucked into the back waistband of my combats. “This is how it works. We use weapons. We use guns, everything we need to train. Targets and all that shebang.” I did jazz hands to sarcastically emphasize the equipment basis of everything.
I threw my dagger and it narrowly missed his ear. He didn’t move, didn’t even flinch. The dagger sliced its way in to one of the surrounding tree’s. I had it thrown back my way in no time. I didn’t bother moving as the dagger aimed to go straight pass me. Instead, I pulled out my gun and aimed it at him. I shot by his foot, but he didn’t move. I narrowly missed his fingertips, but he still didn’t move. This time, I aimed for the bulging vein in his wrist. He moved so fast, that I almost didn’t see it. He ran for me, put me in a headlock with one hand, while grappling for the berretta with the other. I managed to keep my wrist in place so I couldn’t shoot him, but he couldn’t get me to release it. I head butted Lucas, and he staggered slightly, his hold on my wrist wavered. I yanked my left gun hand free, used the headlock he still held me in to hoist myself over from his right side to his left. Like doing a cart wheel on his head. As I landed on the left side, I grabbed the waist of Lucas’s combats and hoisted him over me. He landed with a huge thud, and I also went to the floor with a slightly less worst thud. We were lying down head to head on the floor, the berretta still in my hands.
The sun was beginning to settle over the hills and a bell rang in the distance saying that it was now time for dinner. It must have been later than I originally thought in that case.
We lied there for a few more moments, out chests rising and falling rhythmically trying to get the oxygen around our bodies.
“You’re a good fighter. A fair match.” He complimented me. So far, I hadn’t heard nothing but snarky comments and threats from him. “Come on, we had better get to the hall and eat something.” He stood up and extended his hand to me, though I refused the gesture.
I stood by myself. “I don’t eat with the others.” I said plainly.
“Oh” Lucas sighed. “I was hoping to have some company. Doesn’t feel good being an outsider. No matter though.” It was as if he had pulled the trigger on the gun and the bullet had soared through to my stomach, burning me, creating instant pain. Why did I care about his feelings?
“You can eat at my place.” It wasn’t a question, neither a command, a simple phrase that he could either go along with or not. He nodded slowly. “Let’s go.” I tucked the gun back in to my waistband. I pulled the dagger from the tree, and left. Lucas had picked up the two swords and were swirling them around, one in each hand. His muscles flexed underneath his thermal and I tried not to notice, but how could I not?
We didn’t walk for long, though we did walk in silence. I heard the birds singing and couldn’t help but smile to myself. Lucas didn’t even seem to notice the birds twittering away.
“Here it is.” I announced. Lucas looked confused and then I remembered the spell I put on the cottage for it not to be seen. To him, it must have just looked like one big patch of earth. “I was hoping you were smarter than this.” I chuckled at him. Curiosity lit up his face as his eyebrows knitted together. “You got to see what is really there, not what is visibly so obviously in front of you.” Slowly in my head I could hear my mother’s voice. “Close your eyes, and imagine this clearing in your mind. The trees, the grass, the earth. See it, feel it, even be it. Slowly, piece by piece, take away each thing.” My voice had a dreamy feel to it. The words being long and languid. “What is left?” My mother said those exact same words to me a few days before she was murdered.
“A cottage.” He whispered. “I see the cottage.” He confirmed more loudly.
“Good.” I said, nodding, trying to hold back tears. I would not show weakness in front of anyone.
I waved my hand and the door gave way, letting us enter. Inside the cottage the walls were made up of stone, and the roof was made of wood. There was a fireplace in the centre of the first room flickering with orange tentacles. There was bookshelves either side of the fireplace, with a coffee table, rug and two black leather tub chairs in front.
To the left of the main room was an archway that led to the kitchen. To the right was another archway that led to my bedroom. Inside the kitchen, there was an old fashioned stove surrounded by cabinets filled with all different things. A dining table was in the middle of the room, though normally I never used it.
“This place is fantastic Deliah.” He said admiringly.
“Thank you.” Him saying my name made me feel all warm inside. I shook the feeling like a bad cold.
“What can I smell?” He asked turning to me.
“I have had bread in the oven on low heat since this morning. Should be just about done. Also, I have stew on the stove, and that should be about done too.” He smiled at me and licked his lips. “Go and sit in front of the fire. It can get cold in here sometimes. I’ll dish up.” I instructed him.
I scooped the stew in to two bowls and placed them on the table. I took the bread out of the oven using a tea towel, and ended up burning my hand on the metal tray. The bread went flying to the ground. I screamed in pain.
Before I knew it, Lucas had the bread in his hands placing it on the table and the other around my waist. “Are you okay?” He asked me.
I nodded, “fine.” I wriggled from his grasp, my heart thundering in my chest. I took out a cheese platter from the fridge in the far corner of the kitchen and placed it next to the bread that Lucas was slicing with a knife. “You drink blood yes?” Lucas nodded, not daring to look at me. “You want some?” He nodded again, but his eyes never met mine, they stayed glued on the bread he was cutting. I took out two glasses from the overhead cabinet and took out a pint of blood I had deposited in to a milk carton. I poured the blood in to the glass and washed it as it swirled around. I could feel my fangs growing over my lips, but I licked them and they slowly retracted.
I was going to hand a glass to Lucas, until I saw his face. His eyes were a deep shade of red and his fangs shone a pearly white under the light. He was fixated on the glass, staring at it lustily. “You don’t need this Lucas.” I said to him hypnotically. I looked him in the eyes and recognition flashed on his face. I pressed my eyes on him, increasing the amount of mesmerism I was putting on him. “You are in control Lucas.” Vampires can mesmerise their victim. Being part vampire myself I inherited this power. It is like flirting for humans. I was only giving a mild case of this to Lucas to help him stay in control.
His eyes began to turn back to mud brown, and his fangs retracted. “My bad.” He said in a form of an apology.
I gestured for him to sit at the dinner table. We ate out food in silence, and drank our blood without giving the other a look of disgust. Though there were other vampires in this school, being part human, to others it was like watching a human drinking blood. Vampires were noticeably not human, because they appeared to others to be too perfect. But other supernatural’s new better than to fall in to their trap of seduction.
I reached in for some cheese and bread at the same time Lucas did. My fingers brushed his ever so lightly, they were warm and soft. My cheeks were beginning to burn red. I pulled my hand away hastily, loving and hating the feel his touch gave me.
“Thank you for inviting me.” Said Lucas suddenly. “It’s not easy eating with others. They may eat differently to each other, but they have others. They have friends of the same kind.” I nodded. I knew what he meant. It was like being an outsider. “I know you didn’t want this. Didn’t want me here. But listen, I’m grateful. Truly and honestly grateful.”
“It’s hard to be mad at you when you put it like that.” I replied with a soft smile. “I know I am not the best company to have around, okay? But I know what it’s like not to fit in. It is one of the reasons why they gave me this place and the other students sleep in dorm rooms in the tower. This place use to belong to the grounds keeper, but now it belongs to me. You are right in saying I don’t want to train you, but that has got nothing to do with you, however. All I have ever wanted to do is train so that I could kill the people who murdered my parents. They were asking me to stop focusing on my goal when they asked me to train you.” I tried to stop my hands shaking by putting them flat out on the table, but it only disguised it.
“I’m sorry about your parents.” Lucas half whispered with his head facing the centre of the table.
I waved it away as nothing, but I could feel more tears starting to make their way to my eyes. ‘I will not show weakness!’ I mentally shouted at myself.
I got up from the table and walked to the sink sure that I could feel bile rising in my throat. “Are you all okay?” Lucas was next to me with his arm resting on my lower back. I nodded. My heart was beginning to jump, my head was spinning.
“I need to sit down.” I said breathlessly. I wanted his blood from his veins. I wanted us to work dark/white magic together. I wanted us to go running through the forest. I wanted him. I could see it all before my eyes. Lucas scooped me up in his arms expertly. I could see the living room going by in a whirl of blurs.

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