Deliah and The Temlock Hunters

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My last story edition gave me a new idea for a history. Please comment about what you think. Some advice would be appreciated. Thank you! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

I stood in front of three new students at Vilasa’s Academy for the Exceptional. Two boys, and one girl. The girl’s names were Jade Johnson, a student from England. She looked like a shy little school girl. Long dark hair plaited down her back, coming short of her waist. She wore no make-up, and wore typical boarding school clothes. Trainers, a plaid skirt to the knees, and a blouse. Her look was completed with a notebook in her hand, and a shoulder bag.

The two other guys names were Lucas Valentin and Tobias Lauritsen. Tobias was from Denmark, though it is not specified exactly where Lucas Valentin is from, I suspect he’s from some place in Spain.

Tobias had the features of a male Dane. High cheek bones, that were electrified by his light copper brown hair. He wore a white baggy t-shirt and grey joggers, but held no bag for his school resources. They say first impressions are everything, and from my first impression, I thought Tobias Lauritsen was a slacker.

Lucas Valentin, on the other hand, held himself firmly as if in front of a commando officer in the military. Although this place may seem like one to outsiders, on the inside, it was just a normal boarding school, with a twist. Lucas’s clothes were normal everyday clothes. A simple red thermal shirt and a pair of dark jeans that complimented his silk tanned skin and jet black hair. Like Tobias, he had no bag for his school equipment, either.

“My name is Deliah. I’m your welcoming committee.” I said, not very cheerfully. We stood in front of the large main doors to the academy. “Listen to me, and listen good.” I could smell another wolfs fur nearby, one was a werewolf. “We are all here for a reason. Never share yours, until you know someone else’s. People here will double cross you at every turn just to fit in.” It was a basic school rule around here, and new students needed to learn it fast. I could sense something too. An uneasy tingling ran along my skin. The feel of it was angelic. A white witch was amongst them, too. “Everyone understand?” They all nodded in unison. That’s when I caught something else in the air too, the scent of something decaying. The air around me felt cold but yet still lukewarm. One was half dead.
“Good..Any questions?”
“Who are you, exactly?” Tobias asked. He not only had the features of a Dane but the sharp accent of one too.

A slow, sly grin appeared across my lips. “No one in this school really knows who I am, Tobias Lauritsen, from Denmark.”

“How do you know where he’s from?” Asked Jade, in a shy manner.
My grin only got bigger with each passing question. “I’m sure you can pull some magic witchy, and find out for yourself.”

Pure horror shone on shy English girls face. “Ho-how do you know that?”
“I know that you are a white witch. That Tobias is a werewolf, and that Lucas is a vampire.” Jade and Tobias both looked horrified that their cover had been blown so quickly.  But Lucas appeared like he had suspected it. “Don’t worry. This school only admits people like us. I can introduce you to people like yourselves. People around here never apply directly for the school. The school either finds them or their parents find the school. Either way, they are never told that the school is for the extraordinary supernatural students in the world.”

“How did you figure it out that fast?” Jade asked. “Your energy is very strange.” Witches can sense people’s energy and I could feel Jade’s power sensing mine. I knew what I felt like to others. Nothing as pure as a white witch or as dead as a vampire. I was a strange species that would always stay a constant in life.

“That is because she is a very strange species, aren’t you?” It was Lucas who had guessed it first. He had spoken for the first time. His voice was rough, but strong, firm, and confident in his every word.

“Do you know what I am?” I challenged him.
“Unique would be my guess.” Said Tobias. “I smell wolf, death, and witchery, but also human. How can that be?”
“I have a history, just like everybody else in this school. Be careful about how much of your past you share. Have a good first day.” With that, I left the three new students outside.

Classes at the Academy were just like everyday mundane subjects. History, Maths, English, Science, though we have our own curriculum. Masters of the arts teach us the fighting arts of every kind.  Masters of the craft teach us simple witch magic, whether you are a dark witch or white witch, here you will get taught to use your power correctly. Master vampires teach them how to control their thirst, to keep themselves from being the monster little children are afraid of. For the werewolves, however, they have to master their transformation. When they do, they have to help others succeed. Though mastering a full transformation is tricky business.

The school also has a lot of extra activities. There is a church on the far side of campus for all religious people. The school has its own gymnasium equipped with a swimming pool and a track and field. Though there is one place in the school that not even the teachers know about. Behind the main quarters, on the roof, is a wonderful garden. I love to hang out there sometimes, and just be myself.

I checked my watch. Class started in ten minutes. I made my way past the reception desk and glanced outside to where I had left the new kids. I could see the shadow of the gargoyles and I glared at them. Sometimes it is as if they are watching me, mocking my very existence. I took a left down the hallway and headed for my first lesson of the day.

Fighting lessons was first on my agenda today. Fighting I was good at and Master Blake knew that. He had taught me since I was five years old, living at the academy.

As I entered the room I could see Master Blake at the front of the class meditating.  He was quite young to be a Master, around thirty-five. He looked at least ten years younger with soft skin and dark hair. It helped that he was a vampire too. He also taught the vampires how to control their thirst, but that was another lesson I didn’t need to take but liked too. All the girls in the room would swoon over him except for me. He was more like a brother to me than anything.

“Class.” He said, his voice bouncing off the walls in the room. “We have three new students among us today. Would they please step forward?”

I caught site of the three new students. They were in most of my classes. Jade still looked shy, Tobias still had his shoulders slumped forward, and Lucas…well, he seemed to smile at Master Blake as if they were old friends.
“Deliah!” I heard him shout. “Students, welcome to the Academy. In these lessons you will have, you will learn how to defend yourselves.” He pointed to Jade. “Please step to the mat.”

The mat lay in front of Master Blake in the centre of the rectangular room. The room didn’t have chairs or tables, just a few cupboards that contained training weapons. I walked to the mat at the same time Jade did. These parts of my lessons were the best, when there was new meat to challenge.
“Jade, Deliah will try to attack you. You will need to defend yourself. I just need to see what you already know. Is that clear?” She nodded her head as if unsure to do otherwise. Now his attention was focused on me. “Now, Deliah, we all know you like a fight.” The class began to giggle, but stopped immediately when they saw the look Master Blake gave them. “But let’s keep this one fair. No magic is to be used unless in self defence. If it is on the offensive you are automatically in detention.” He emphasised the word to the class, though I am sure it was for my personal benefit.

“Understood?” Everyone nodded. “Begin,” Master Blake commanded.
“Round house kick her D!” I heard someone shout. Carl. I would recognise that devil’s voice anywhere. The whole class started to cheer for me to hurt her.

Jade and I walked around circling each other. Jade made no mistake in taking the first move against me, and she was right not to. I lunged for her. I did a quick leg sweep, but she jumped out of the way just in time.  “Nice.” I said. I threw a punch to the left and she dodged that just as easily too. “Not bad.”
“Thanks.” She retorted breathlessly, though she had barely moved.
I struck out with my leg, and heard her yelp as it made contact with her chest and she slumped down to the mat.

“Jade, you have natural instincts. That will serve you well. We need to develop them more, however.” She nodded and retreated to the back of the classroom. She was like a chameleon disappearing. That skill would also serve her well, I thought.

“Boys? Who is next?” Master Blake asked evenly.

Tobias was in front of me on the mat attacking me before Master Blake even told us to begin. It was no matter to me though. He may have surprised me by the abruptness, but I am always one step ahead.

Tobias’s moves were rhythmic. Right blow, left blow, right kick. Left blow, right blow, left kick. The pattern remained constant. On his fourth attempted at a kick, I grabbed his leg mid air, twisted his ankle, and heard him give out a sickening yelp. I released his leg and he fell to the ground nursing it.
“Your skill is good, but you are too predictable. You stick to a rhythm young Tobias. We will develop your skill.” He nodded to Lucas, and he stepped to the mat automatically. “Remember!” Master Blake shouted at both me and Lucas. “Play fair.” He paused. “Begin.”

We circled each other for a number of seconds. Letting time pass, calculating each other’s moves, each others steps. He moved so quick I almost missed him. He swung with his right, and I ducked, doing a backwards somersault. I landed perfectly on my feet. Lucas was still in range though. I round house kicked, once, twice, a third time. Each kick missing him by inches.  I kicked again. Going straight for his chest like I did with Jade. He caught my foot mid air, and twisted it, like I did with Tobias. I didn’t scream or yell. I didn’t collapse to the ground in pain. I lifted my other leg and twisted my entire body in the air. Lucas’s hand released my foot, and I landed knees bent, one fist aimed at the ground, the other to the air. He should have never done that. “You’ll pay for that one,” I growled at him. I faintly heard Master Blake’s voice reminding both of us to play fair here. Fair had just gone out of the window.

“We shall see,” Lucas retorted, a slither of a smile spreading across his lips.
He tried striking with his left leg, but I blocked it with my forearm. I could see red seeping into his eyes, his teeth became long and elegant. A hiss began to escape his lips and I returned the look, and was rewarded with the look of horror on many classmates faces, but Lucas looked more shocked than terrified.

“Enough!” Master Blake shouted standing in between us on the mat, sensing it was going too far. “Lucas, you have excellent skill. I will have to discuss private lessons with the Head Master for you. Possibly with Deliah.” 
A growl rumbled from my chest. “Is there a problem, Deliah?” He said, an innocent smile on his face.
“No, Master.” I bowed down politely before stalking off to the back of the classroom.

“Everyone is expected to demonstrate the new technique they have been working on with their partners tomorrow. As for now, get some rest and enjoy your day.” Master Blake left the classroom as soon as the bell rang, signifying our next class.
“Excuse me? Deliah?” It was a small petite voice calling my name. I turned around and found Jade looking at me in both amazement and fear. “I’m not sure where my next class is.” The only light in the room emanated from the dim light bulb overhead and it did nothing to make Witchy less pale.
“You’re with me, Witchy. We got white witch practice together.” I answered her. “Follow me.”

We walked down the crowded hallways together. The White Witch classes were on the second floor. Travelling up the steps to the second floor Jade said, “You’re very good at fighting. How is it you get private lessons?” It was a fair question to ask. I had been asked it many times before. I ran my hand across the cool metal of the banister railing.

“I have been in this school since I was at a young age. Younger than what they admit into the Academy. I had lessons from the beginning. I am more advanced. I learned all of this a long time ago. That’s all you need to know.” She didn’t press the matter further and for that I was truly grateful.

Turning down another long corridor, we entered the classroom. It was the same size as the martial arts classroom, though this one didn’t have mats, but had desks and a little space at the front where students demonstrated power.
“Don’t call her Master. She despises it.” I warned Jade. I could see the question forming on Jades lips. “You call her Ella.”

I left Jade at the door. I may have been her welcoming committee, but that didn’t mean I have to stick with her. I preferred the isolation. I was not like anyone in this classroom. Not even close.

“Deliah?” Ella called out.

I walked to the front of the classroom waiting for her to tell me what demonstration I shall be providing for her this time. But I never expected the words that came next. “Head Master Anwen, and Co-Head Master Morgan wish to see you, my dear.”

I nodded and walked out of the room. My mind was spinning – jumping to all sorts of conclusions. What was this all about? They never pull me out of lessons. They always wait until our two day weekend. Something must be wrong, but what?

The Head Masters office was all the way on the top floor in the centre of the building. Each step I climbed, I feared more and more about what was coming.


The steps felt like they would continue on forever, finally I reached the top of the steps. I hesitated, looking into the vast empty corridor. White was everywhere on the walls. There was one window at the end of the corridor. It oversees the side grounds near the student room tower. The window was tinted in various different colours. From a distance it looked as if the pieces in the window had cracked. Seeing the only door, I trudged towards it, feeling the heaviness of my heart in my chest.

I stood in front of the door, not sure whether to walk on in or knock, when I heard myself being called on in by Co-Head Master Morgan, his deep voice seeping through the door and walls, his Welsh accent coming through thick.
Opening the door, I found Head Master Anwen sitting behind her desk and Co-Head Master Morgan standing to her right with a hand on her shoulder.
Not many students knew who they were to each other. They were both from Wales; this led me to believe they were cousins in their childhood. They were the complete opposites of each other and yet they have always completed one another. It turned out, they were never family, just led to believe it by their parents, so they would see the beauty in someone who is nothing like them.
I have never understood that story, and I have heard it a thousand times.
I noticed immediately that Lucas was also in the room with them. “Deliah, please have a seat.” Head Master Anwen gestured to the seat next to Lucas. The only remaining seat in the room not including the ones around the fire and bookshelves to the far right.

“Is there a problem?” I asked, genuinely concerned. Why was he here? What could he and I possibly have in common? I thought.

“No problem. It is just that, Morgan and I have discussed this over, and thought it would be best if you taught Lucas the ropes around here.”

“What?” I leapt out of my chair. “What do you expect me to teach him? He’s a vampire!” I screamed. “I don’t want to become sociable with a vampire! I don’t want to become sociable at all!”

“Now, Deliah, don’t tell me you’re only relying on your sense of smell these days. He is similar to you, my child.” Anwen replied calmly. Her blond hair was at a tight ponytail on the top of her head, light spilling around her from the window on the wall behind her. Her smile was pleasant, but her eyes were deceptive.
“What?” I asked, starting to get confused. The only thing that lingered on him was death.

Lucas decided to speak up. “You were right in calling me a vampire earlier, but that is not all I am. I am like you, minus the werewolf gene. That’s the one power I do not possess,” he said solemnly.

“This is why we want you to train him,” explained Morgan, his eyes were also deceptive. His light brown hair looked blond in the light. I glared at them both.
“You have teachers for that here,” I countered, trying to compose myself as calmly as I could.

Anwen, always the voice of reason explained it to me in more detail. “We know the Masters of this school could train him Deliah, but there is a problem with him near the other students as Master Blake discovered this morning.” She paused for a long moment as if weighing her words carefully. “He’s not like you with a dilated race. He has pure vampire genes within him, which means he can be a danger and cannot control himself the way others do. Though, you are the only one he will not be able to…well, you know.” She was about to say the only one he can’t bite.

“What about private lessons?”

“You may still train with Master Blake in your private lessons as he is a vampire and Lucas would not do anything to another vampire, though that is your choice. However, any other private lessons you are excused from to help tutor Lucas,” she said simply.

Damn it! I thought. “Fine!” I screamed at them, though no one seemed to react to my outburst. They were probably used to it. “What about my lessons?” I demanded.

“I have already mentioned about your private lessons, as for your other lessons. Any supernatural ones you will not need to attend and you must train Lucas during these times as well. He is on the same timetable as you are. You will accompany him in his normal curriculum classes to make sure he is always under control.”

This wasn’t happening. This was like a punch to the gut. All I ever wanted to do was train. Be the best of the best, and kill the people who murdered my parents all those years ago. They are asking me to give that up. To stop.
“There are other vampires in this school. They have difficulty controlling themselves, so what’s the difference?”

“The difference is my child; those other students were bitten to become who they are. A dilated being, but not too dilated. Lucas is pure. Born as a vampire, it is more difficult for him,” Morgan said.

I felt the wolf in me growl, needing to break free, to run, to break something. I looked around Head Master Anwens office and saw nothing useful. No photo frames containing family pictures. No statues to show her taste in accessories. There wasn’t even a stack of papers on her desk I could knock over.

“This may be a lot to ask of you, but you are the only advanced and capable person,” I cut his words short by walking up to the door, kicking it with all my strength and watching it fall to the ground. The glass shattering.

“First lesson,” I said only to Lucas. “Trust your instincts, follow them, let them guide you. Don’t rely on just one power. Rely on them all. Use them all at once. Use them to find me before the next bell rings.”

With that, I stomped out of the room and down the hallway, heading to my rooftop garden. 

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