Deliah – Chapter four

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Chapter four.
Daniel and I had driving around all night, my arm is really starting to hurt from changing gears so much.
The last thing I can remember before letting Daniel drive around was the look on his face. The soft edge to his sharp jaw bone and the brown twinkle in his eyes. I couldn’t help but notice how his black hair matched the black night sky around us. I think I slept easier than I have in a long time when he was there.
Peeling back the covers to my bed, I find that I am no longer in my car, but in my room. My pictures of angels and demons, vampires and werewolves plastered all over the walls. Black wallpaper covering the gaps between my drawings.
“You’re awake I see.” That voice. I know it. I look over at the door. There he is, clear as day. Daniel is standing in the doorway, leaning up against the frame. “You were totally out of it last night.” He chuckled. His smile is so delicate showing pearly white teeth. His full lips curving and bending, what a wonderful way to wake up in the morning. “I didn’t want to wake you, so I just carried you upstairs. Hope that was okay?” Why is he asking me if it is okay? Surely it doesn’t matter? It has already been done. I nod vaguely anyway. Just the thought of Daniel carrying my small figure in his arms sent chills through my body. Good chills or bad ones I don’t know.
“Why does my head hurt?” I ask myself out loud. I wipe the sleep away from my eyes, hoping to wipe away the throbbing pain, but no such luck.
“Too much magic would be my guess.” His smile still hasn’t faltered since I woke up. “You draw all these?” He took one step in to the room and pointed at my drawings.
“Yeah. Just some witchy visions I get when I’m sleeping. I draw them.” I answer giving a slight shrug.
“Maybe half breeds have them.” He said, pondering something. I can see the wheels turning behind his skull, but what he is thinking I have no idea. “Who is this in the drawing?” There is some kind of urgency to his voice.
I look at the picture he is asking about. I had drawn it the other night. It is a black and white chalk drawing. The evil, ghostly figure I have drawn, is knelt in front of an angel with wings. Forests surrounded them, enclosing them in what can be seen as a private place. Somewhere no one can find them. “I had a dream about it. There was some angel, or something. He took it upon himself to uh, “ I hate thinking first thing in the morning, “protect some kind of evil, and the evil shows its true colours. Other than that I can’t remember much Daniel.”
He nodded his head as if understanding. What is going on up there? ‘Whatever’. I think to myself. “Uh, can I get dressed now? You’re more than happy to wait downstairs. Then I can show you the town. Around here, you can’t get lost, too small a place. However,” I say, putting emphasis behind my words, “it might not be easy to get lost, but easy to be found when you don’t want to be.”
I got dressed in a pair of worn out blue jeans, a plain long sleeve blue t-shirt, and a Mckenzie blue and black branded jacket. “Ready to go?” I call out to him when walking down the stairs. I enter the living room, only to find him on the doorstep. He seems to be admiring the scenery?
“Hey, let’s go!” I say tugging on his arm.
My house is on the main road of the village. If you have a car, and are driving through, you can see everything the village has to offer. In total, there are two pubs, two takeaways, one cafe, two little market shops, one bakery that has recently been opened by a local, and there is also a Ladbrokes betting shop. Everything a villager needs really.
“Cafe first? Then bakery?” I ask Daniel as we trudge through the frosty ground.
As we came to the cafe, Jasmine waved me in from inside. “Hey D’.” She called out in her high pitch chirp of a voice as I enter. “Usual table is free at the back corner.” I gave her a thumbs up, and she gave me a wink in return seeing Daniel behind me.
I knew she would be all over him. As much as he tried to kill me – something I still haven’t gotten over yet – he is good looking.
“Sorry about Jasmine.” I said, kind of embarrassed. “She’s physic, kind of supernatural, but her power is subdued by all of that human blood in her.”
“Does she know about you?” He queered sitting opposite me, both our hands resting in front of one another’s on the table, I can feel the heat off his skin sending little electrical sparks through my body.
I moved my hands off the table and began to fumble with them under the table. “No.” I say honestly. “Though I can’t say I haven’t enlightened her on to her family’s history.”
He leaned over the table, “you know that is forbidden?”
I didn’t reply, just looked down. “I don’t need an angel telling me off.” I muttered. I can have sworn he is about to comment on that, though, Jasmine got to me first.
Jasmine slides in to the seat next to mine, bumping in to my arm as she does. “Come on! Details!” She sings.
“Excuse me, Jasmine. This is Daniel.” I gesture towards Daniel sitting opposite me. She offers him one of her best smiles. Believe me. I know. I have seen it every time a hot looking guy walks in the cafe.
“Pleasure.” He says simple.
She giggles at his voice. “Hey.”
“Stop it you.” I warned her, more harshly than I intend. It meant to be a playful warning but it didn’t come out that way.
“Someone got their eye on him D’?
“Does it matter J’?” I say mocking her voice. “Two hot chocolates, two lots of pancakes plain, thanks.”
“How do you even know what he wants?” He smiled, and with that one smile, she left in a huff. In that one smile, she knew I was right with his order, even though I don’t really know what he wants.
Jasmine placed down our pancakes and hot chocolate, and didn’t say a word to me. In a way I am thankful for the silence. It gives me a chance to look around the place and see who is here on this fine morning. I always make a note of who is here and why.
Some strangers passing through, or new villagers, either way, I like to know what is in my village. So I keep in touch with all of the neighbours.
The cafe is quiet like it always is on an early October morning. The sun barely risen in the sky.
Two elderly men were sipping coffee while having a plate of waffles with a heap of red sauce on their plate. I know them well. Both men live in my street. Both men have a balled patch on top of their head, though one is much slimmer in the face than the other. I can just make out their conversation. Something about the old man’s granddaughters.
Other than the elderly men, there is only two other tables occupied except for my own. One is occupied by a blond haired woman. She looks around thirty years of age, possibly older. Her high heels showing off her ankles, and her suit involves a skirt just below knee length and a pink blouse. With her briefcase closer to her seat on the floor than necessary, it is clear that she is someone passing through.
The other table however, is occupied by two of my old friends. Back when I was in school, we use to hang out a lot, now we have just grown further apart. I don’t think either of the boys forgave me for choosing my future, over my future with them. What makes it worst, is that one of us use to date. Seeing them again, I can’t bear it.
“You finished?” Daniel nodded.
Me and Daniel stand up at the same time. Walking past the elderly men, they both smiled and raised their cups at me as if to say hi. So I smile back, being polite and all.
When me and Daniel came to the door, Jamie and Carl look up at us. My heart sinks a little as they do.
Daniel put on arm around my waist opening the door, saying, “after you.” That made me chuckle.
“Why thank you.” I say in a bad English accent.
I notice Daniels arm hasn’t left my side yet. Only when we reach past the cafe windows, out of the boys view does he let his arm drop.
Daniel whistles in a tune that sounds like he is saying woo-hoo. “Someone in their was jealous of you.”
I kept my head down, walking up the paved street to the bakery.
“You’re not going to tell me what that was?” He asks me. Thankfully I see the bakery doors and rush on in. Daniel doesn’t need to know anything about my life that isn’t necessary. And that isn’t necessary.
Behind the counter is a chubby woman with auburn hair. She may be a little oversized for her age, but she is the best baker the village has ever had, and ever will have. That is something no one can deny about her.
Though she is someone who doesn’t like to speak unless she needs to. That is really creepy. That is something everyone can admit about her, but never to her face.
She hands me a bag with my bread and cakes in that I ordered the day before. “Thanks. Just cakes tomorrow okay?” She gives me a thumbs up, and I head for the door, running in to Daniel behind me. “Sorry.” I say as my face connects with his chest.
“S’okay.” He drawls out. Involuntarily I smile.
How can someone like him, handsome, thoughtful, caring, be so willing to help me stay alive? Oh, yeah. ‘He is trying to keep himself alive’, I remind myself. ‘Not me, I’m just an inconvenience’.
“Where to next?” He asks me. I don’t answer. Just walk around him out of the bakery and head to my house up the street.
Daniel is behind me the entire time. Not coming any closer than three feet behind me. I reach my door, unlock it, and walk straight on in. I leave the door open as an invite for Daniel to come on in after me.
My house is still spotless from the night before. Daniel really did a good job when repairing everything.
“What’s the matter with you?” I hear Daniel ask me.
I just shake my head. I click my fingers, and the television comes to life, revealing NARKOTIKA on the music channel.
“Cool band.” Daniel says to me as an attempt at making small talk.
“Yeah, there my favourite.” I say without really thinking, not caring about the conversation at all.
“Didn’t one of the band members disappear?” He asks, maybe a little too curiously.
“Two actually. Only a few people know where they went.” I say, knitting my eyebrows together to form a crease in my forehead. I don’t know what it is, but something is not right. I can always tell when something is off in someone’s emotions. A vampire perk. The closer I get to a person, the easier the emotions are to read. Daniels emotions are something I can’t quite place.
“You know what happened to them?” I turn to stare at him.
My eyes turning to slits, “What are you getting at?” I say harshly.
“I have heard rumours about this place.” He says. “Ones that are not quite logical. Maybe you could enlighten me.” Immediately I know what he is saying. That sly smile on his face, that voice inside my head. I know exactly what he means.
Do I tell him? The secrets of my world? Of others worlds? Do I reveal them all to an angel killer? Someone who could destroy everything I helped recreate?
“On one condition.” I say to him. He cocks waiting for me to carry on. “I still don’t trust you completely,” I say to him, “but, I will trust you if I can do a spell, with you in my house.”
“What kind of spell?” He asks me.


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